We told a scammer boss we would find him…so we did


So this is a huge criminal. We found them. It’s taken a year but we finally found them. 

“Are you Rakesh?”

“I don’t even. What are you talking about?”   

“Alright? We’re gonna expose you, Rakesh. Hey, if this isn’t Rakesh, tell Rakesh he’s about to be exposed soon.”

That’s the original call of me telling him I was going to find him and expose him. But we had a really big problem. And also thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring this video.

See at the time we only had the scammer’s name and the building he was operating in. We took that info and we started searching Google and social media. But we kept getting results like this.

So the problem is you have like 90 searches, 90+ for LinkedIn and then Facebook, there’s like 50 to 100 people with the exact same name. We could go through each one of those and try to find them but we don’t actually know what he looks like though. So that makes us even more difficult. 

How do you find someone if you can’t even identify what they look like? This is why tracking down a criminal this size can take some time. If you remember us exposing scammer boss

Roshan, he was on the run and moved 1200 miles to try and rebuild his scam call center. And then there’s other times when we’re fortunate enough and scammers basically expose themselves.

“Okay can you just really quickly the, the part about the gmail photo like could you just click on? If you have one, could you click on yours and just tell me what I had to click on after that you know like this? What do I need…”

“You simply have to tap on the photo.”

In this particular case, it’s just a waiting game. It’s not if he slips up but wins and that’s exactly what this guy did.


But as far as the slip up, we’re going to keep that a secret because we actually don’t really want to teach scammers how to not get caught. But that brings us here. 

Không có mô tả.

The scammer we’ve been tracking is Rakesh Choudhury. He’s running a call center with a team of 60 scammer employees. And we don’t know how much money they’ve stolen from people but just to put it in perspective. We’ve monitored a call center with a team of 20 to 30 people, who were stealing roughly 1 million dollars every single month. That means with double the Manpower, these guys could be stealing over 65 000 every single day. 

Now how are they making all this money? Well, we believe that they’re running various scams pretending to be the SSA, Microsoft and even Amazon tech support, but get this their big one is a loan scam. And here’s what we know about it. So somebody supposedly puts money into your account but it’s got to be. Let’s say you have 40 000 then they only can take 40,000. It’s not like you’re getting like 160 000 loan. 

So this is how I think this game works? This scammer will cold call a bunch of people. Hopefully someone will bite, eventually someone does buy it. But they’ll tell the victim that they’ve been approved for a 4% loan. 

“And what’s the percentage that I can get?

“Four percent”

With the last of a series of questions including banking information Social Security, they’re just trying to dig as much as I can out log it. We’ve seen it a hundred times.

“And which bank are you banking with, sir? 

“What else do you deal with Wells Fargo?” 

“Uh, and how old is the account for you?” 


“10 years” 

And then the scammer will transfer the victim to a senior loan officer which is just closer. 

“Mr. Jerry is going to assist you further. Okay, wait. He will, one, once he’s free sir, okay?”

This is where it gets a little messy. So the closer will have you open your bank page. They’ll edit your HTML to make it look like they’ve deposited the loan amounts, whatever that is into your bank. They will then ask you to return that loan amount to them immediately. This is so that they can send it as a report to the credit super agency or super bureau so that they can prove to the credit super agency that you have returned the money on time. 

Không có mô tả.

“You have to return that money to our loan company. Okay. On this way, sir, we are able to show our official report to the credit super agency to the credit super Bureau. That, uh, Mr Wilson Carter, he has returned that money to our loan company on time.”

But because they obviously they’ve never actually deposited the amount that’s when you get scammed and the reason they’ll use to justify it is that the credit super agency will actually be the ones to deposit your loan amounts. I don’t know man, it’s a weird one, that’s a weird one.

The scam loans that we do know typically scam you by getting you to pay some type of origination fee or even loan fee, and then ultimately you don’t get the loan. Now this scam it’s really kind of confusing to us so we don’t really understand it and it’s hard to believe that these guys are even really making any money. 

Okay let’s talk about where these guys are located. They’re in Kolkata Sector 5 in India. In fact, we already knew where the building was. 

“I have multiple numbers of you guys doing these scams. I have multiple phone numbers for all the 60 to 65 people on the floor. in the Godrej Waterside building.” 

That Goat Ridge Waterside building is like two blocks away from Godrej Genesis, where scammers like Goenka Bakchi and Krishnendu were operating a company called DRM. You’ve probably already heard of it. Funny is in Tower, one of Godrej Waterside there’s

News Channel 18. Yep, there’s a news channel right there. So right under their nose is a scam call center. But obviously, they aren’t reporting on the scans. But hey, if they’re interested, these guys are on the 13th floor in room 7. If anybody knows anybody that works for channel 18, hit us up and we’ll send you the photos. Or you can just grab them off here. 

Real quick guys. A tech tip from our security partner NordVPN phishing. Now you’ve probably heard of this before, but it’s one of the most common tactics used by hackers and scammers in order to gain access to you. Now these types of emails include hyperlinks that entice you to click on them where you’ll put in critical information of yourself or even sometimes you’ll download a malicious file.

Không có mô tả.

A blog post from Nordvpn said that in order to protect yourself from these types of phishing attacks, you should incorporate things like manually putting in the address that’s in the link, hovering over the link and seeing where it goes to or even using things like a browser. Filter in addition to protecting yourself from these types of phishing attacks. I believe that protecting your privacy while using the Internet is just as equally important NordVPN uses lightning quick servers. And honestly within a single click, your traffic is encrypted and your IP is hidden. Now I use this on my phones, my VMS, my hosts, it’s all cross-platform. So you best believe I’m using this when I’m going up against scammers. Over at nordvpn.com/pierogi, there’s a four month free exclusive offer. Look, you can try for 30 days. It’s risk-free and you can get your money back guaranteed if you want. Make sure you go and encrypt your traffic from the bad guys. Now speaking of bad guys, it’s time we get back to Rakesh. 

“So I’ve got Rakesh’s Instagram.

“Oh, really?” 

“Yeah, yeah, so as you can see here, he’s at some nice destination and this is actually the Maldives of all places with his girlfriend wife whatever it may be. I’ve actually never been to a place like the Maldives. It’d be nice to go but he’s obviously using victims’ money to go to nice places. He’s getting tattoos which are expensive. You can see here. He’s in Miami so he’s traveling to the U.S from India, buying shots at a Miami nightclub. He’s at the JW Marriott behind the Velvet Rope, doing VIP service, kind of living this showing off lifestyle. Look at all the money that I have going over to Goa and partying over there as well which is a big party destination spot hitting over the beach. Trying to show everyone that he’s cool, has all this money, he’s very successful, etc. They do things like buying nice clothes, going shopping constantly, traveling to show everyone that there’s some type of successful entrepreneur.

Không có mô tả.

When you look at stuff like these, Samsung phones that they buy too, it’s another status symbol to have trying to have the latest and greatest of technology and clothes and different things too. But at the end of the day, with all this travel and all these you know, Lavish destinations, partying and all of that, this video is the one that makes me the most sick because it’s this guy pouring out victim money over his watch. So you should be sick, we’re all sick from this guy.” 

But, wait. This gets even deeper. While we’re gathering information on this guy, we found some clear ties to an even bigger scammer boss. 

All right, so our guy Rakesh is the owner of E-unite telecoms and E-unite Communications. That’s the company that he’s scamming from. He also, though, owns E-unite Securitas and E-unite Securitas sponsors a poker team called the Kolkata Kings. And guess who owns the Kolkata case. Scammer Balls, Kunal Gupta. This guy has been scamming tons of money and still has yet to be arrested in India. But Kunal was the guy running net technologies. And he has several sponsors of Kolkata Kings as well.So it’s kind of crazy they’re all connected. 

The last part of all. This is that we found out that the call center has been rated. As you can see, they’ve been operating for well over two years. But unfortunately, because of the poor image quality shot on a flip phone in the masks, we don’t know which one is Rakesh. Now maybe even snuck out the back door during the raid. This is great news and we want to celebrate it. But you’ve seen how India’s government has worked in the past. They go in, raid these call centers, take a few photos and within weeks, the scammers are back on the street. This is why we make these exposed videos. Think of it like a backup plan. Now these scammers might not get permanently shut down or arrested like they should but they will feel the shame of what they do to these innocent people. Now anyone who knows Rakesh or possibly his family will now know how corrupt he actually is, Rakesh is not the only scammer that’s out there we have a lot more to expose. So please consider supporting us and please don’t get scammed.


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