The Rabbit Hole


That little hole was really something. A weird looking hole just sitting in my garden. I didn’t know what to do about it, but just then, an idea that never occurred to me came up. I should cover it! I don’t get how I couldn’t have thought of that.
That would have been the easiest solution anyone could think of but I was lifting my head in the clouds thinking if I could shrink myself or even possibly explore it. My imagination was uncontrollable and ferocious. I walked cautiously making sure to keep my close eye on the hole as I slowly went to get a shovel to cover that little thing up.
It was a hole no man nor human could fit in, so that’s when it hit me… it was either an animal or a creature that came to seize the world. As the shovel slowly came into the grasp of my fingertips I held it tight and walked over to the filthy hole. I was ready to relieve my fears and cover it up for good. So I scooped up some dirt and dumped it in the entrance of the opening to the unknown. I was reassured for a while and decided to go inside and go have something to digest as I was feeling a little hungry, so I went and then I suddenly felt the urge to check on the hole.
As I made my way I saw through the glass door the gate to the underground was uncovered. I was one hundred percent sure I covered it up and I was definitely not hallucinating. Was I? Well I wasn’t really sure but I went with my gut feeling and I knew I covered it. I was not going to wait and find out what is in that hole so I marched there like a soldier and took out an imaginary flashlight thinking I had one. I tried turning it on and then I realized there was nothing there so I sprinted to the old, wooden cabinet. It was where all of my tools were stored. I quickly snatched it and ran back to figure out what was in the whole. I lit up the torch and shone the bright light into the opening and what I found was extravagant. An animal of some sort, I think it was a rabbit! I dug my extensive arm through the tiny hole and grabbed the filthy creature. I held it by its broad neck as it started squealing. I didn’t care if this was animal abuse.
It was living in my house rent free. I wouldn’t have let that go so I let the rabbit go a safe distance from my house and covered up the hole for good. Since then that whole was never opened again… or so I thought!


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