The Most Popular Girl In School Thinks She Owns Me


Hi, my name is Pedro and I’m from Brazil. Please like and subscribe to MSA. 

Even though my parents were poor, I always had big dreams as a kid. When I was eight, my best friend Maria and I used to sit at the bus stop on the weekends and would admire all the fancy cars that would drive past.

– (Pedro) Wow, did you see that BMW? I want one like that when I grow up. 

– (Maria) I believe you’ll drive a car like that one day, Pedro, remember what our teacher said? If you believe it, you will have it.  

Maria also came from a poor family like me and I cared about her a lot. Once when we were in the eighth grade she couldn’t bring her lunch for the whole week because her parents were so broke, and even though she came up with all sorts of excuses not to take my lunch I wasn’t going to leave my friend to starve.  

– (Maria) Pedro, I’m not that hungry. Please, I don’t want to take your lunch.

– (Pedro) You know you don’t have to have pride with me. Come on, let’s share. 

– (Maria) Okay, but next week is my turn to share with you. 

But when next week came, Maria had more than enough to share with me since her Dad got a big job in the city.  

– (Maria) I got us candy bars today. 

– (Pedro) Wow, thank you. I’m really happy that your family’s doing well. 

– (Maria) Yeah, and there’s something else I need to tell you.  

She looked a little sad, and then I felt sad when she told me.

– (Maria) We won’t be living in the same place anymore. We’re moving to the city, and I won’t be in this school.  

I was happy for Maria because she was going to have a better life, but I was sad since she was my best friend. We promised to write to each other every month but as time went by, she stopped writing, but I didn’t. I started focusing a lot on my studies when Maria left and became the top student in my school. When I was in 10th grade, I got selected to participate in a national Maths tournament. When I was at the tournament I was so happy when I saw Maria. She was also selected from her school. Maria, she looked so beautiful now. Her eyelashes even looked longer than a normal person’s. Maria looked at me like she didn’t even know me or maybe it was because I also looked different. 

– (Pedro) It’s me, Pedro.  

– (Maria) Oh, hi. It’s been a while.  

She looked down at my shoes and made a face of disgust.  

– (Maria) I’m guessing you’re still stuck at the poor people’s location.


– (Pedro) If that’s what you call it. 

– (Maria) Okay, I have to go. My friends are waiting.

That was not the Maria I knew, but I didn’t let that distract me during the tournament. I beat all the kids, even the rich ones from Maria’s school. 

– (Maria) Well done, Pedro. 

I was surprised that she even congratulated me after the way she looked at me. 

– (Pedro) Thanks, Maria, and it was nice seeing you again. 

As I walked to the hallway, a tall man approached me. He was the Principal of the most expensive school in the city. It was the same school Maria went to.  

– (Principal) Well done on your achievement today. I would love to have a student like you at my school. 

– (Pedro) Thanks, sir. But I don’t think my parents can afford your school for now.

– (Principal) You would definitely qualify for a scholarship and I could help you with that.

When I told my parents about the offer I got from the Principal, they were so happy. Dad immediately spoke to one of his friends who lives closer to the school to accommodate me and he gladly accepted. After a month, I moved into Dad’s friend’s house. He had a daughter who was my age, Isabella and she was on another level of always being happy.  

– (Isabella) I’ve always been an only child in this massive house. It’s just me and my father. I’m so glad to finally have someone to talk to. Come on. I want to show you our swimming pool. I’ve won five gold medals because I practice every day. 

– (Pedro) Thanks, but swimming is not my thing.

– (Isabella) What? Swimming should be everybody’s thing. What would you do if the world comes to an end and the entire earth gets flooded? It has to be everybody’s thing then, I’ll teach you. Let’s go.   

Isabella was so persistent about everything. I did everything she asked me to do since her father was super kind to me. She never mentioned her Mom and I didn’t want to intrude. When Isabella and I entered the school gates together,  all eyes were on us, and I didn’t understand why. 

– (Isabella) Oh my gosh. Everyone thinks I’m dating the new hot guy. 

– (Pedro) Which new hot guy?  

– (Isabella) You silly. You’re really cute. Don’t you know that. 

I blushed when she said that because I never really paid attention to how I looked since I focused so much on getting high grades, and then as we walked into our next class, all the girls started tapping the seat next to them.

– (Girl 1) Hey, new guy. You could sit next to me. 

– (Girl 2) Oh, no, you should really sit next to me. I have all the answers to everything. 

Isabella suddenly hid behind me when she saw Maria walk in and then she took my hand.  

– (Maria) He’ll sit next to me. We come from way back. Isn’t that so, Pedro?

I saw Maria glare at Isabella sternly and she quickly ran to her seat and didn’t look at me for the rest of the day. Maria pulled me along with her everywhere in school and because I missed her so much, I stuck with her.

– (Maria) I’m so happy that you’re in my school, Pedro, but we gotta get you some new shoes, okay?  

– (Pedro) But these are my favorite shoes, Maria.  

– (Maria) I know, but change is good sometimes. Look at me, I live a fabulous life which starts with how we look.

Isabella walked past me and Maria like she didn’t even know me and when I saw her after school to find out what was up, she acted like everything was normal.

– (Pedro) Hey, you suddenly avoided me. What happened? 

– (Isabella) Nothing, I just wanted to give you and Maria your space. She seems to really like you.

– (Pedro) Yeah, we’re old friends. Are you afraid of Maria?

– (Isabelle) No, she’s just this popular girl who gets everything she wants and I don’t have any trouble at school so we could just be friends at my house.

– (Pedro) Okay, if that’s what you want.

The next day at school, Maria immediately approached me and took me to a quiet place, and then she took a new pair of sneakers from her bag for me. I felt very uncomfortable taking them. 

– (Pedro) Maria, I told you I don’t need new shoes. 

– (Maria) Pedro, it’s rude not to take a gift. You know that. Remember that time you made me share your lunch and I took it?

– (Pedro) Yeah, but I was help. 

– (Maria) Take my gift, Pedro, please. 

I looked at her eyes and she looked like she was about to cry, so I took the shoes, but it didn’t stop there. Maria changed my whole look, and I kinda liked it but hanging out with her and her friends felt awkward. Like this one time when we were in 12th grade they invited me to a beach party and when I decided to bring Isabella along, Maria acted like she owned me.  

– (Maria) Pedro, can I speak to you alone please? 

She seemed angry and I left Isabella waiting for me.

– (Maria) Why did you bring her to a party that I invited only you to.

– (Pedro) I live in her house and she’s my friend so I thought it’d be okay. 

– (Maria) Well, it’s not okay, and I’m not happy. You were my friend first. In fact, I think I like you more than a friend now.  

Maria suddenly kissed me which caught me off guard. Before I could react my phone rang and it was my Dad.

– (Pedro) Sorry, I have to take this. My Dad called to tell me that in a month’s time, they would be losing the house because he lost his job. 

(To be continue…)


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