The Most Popular Girl In School Thinks She Owns Me (Part 2)


Maria could see that I wasn’t okay and because I was so worried, I ended up telling her everything. 

– (Maria) So you’re going to be homeless? 

– (Pedro) No, I won’t allow that to happen.  

– (Maria) Well, I don’t know how you will do anything since you’re still in school, but if you send Isabella back home and tell her that she’s a loser, then I’ll speak to my Dad to help your family.   

– (Pedro) What, I can’t do that. Isabella’s family is helping me and she’s a good person.  

– (Maria) She’s a freak, Pedro, and you are hot and smart and I want you all to myself. 

I was so turned off with Maria. She wanted me to hurt another person for no reason and I just couldn’t do it. I went back home with Isabella and she was happy to get out of the party because it wasn’t her vibe either. 

– (Isabella) Maybe we can go get some ice cream.  

– (Pedro) Yeah, let’s do that.  

– (Isabella) What did Queen Maria say? You look so unhappy after you spoke to her.   

– (Pedro) Don’t worry about it. I don’t think I’ll be hanging around her anymore. 

After our fun ice cream date, I started growing really fond of Isabella. She was sweet and accepted me for who I am. She was still very hyper about many things, but I started loving that about her. And then after the weekend when I went back to school, everyone looked at me differently. Even the girls who dropped after me now looked at me like some poor pathetic boy. “I can’t have a homeless boy in our school.” – a girl said. I heard one of Maria’s friends as she walked past me and then I spotted Maria talking to a group of kids. I stood behind her. She was talking about me.  

– (Maria) Pedro is a total fake. I had to buy him clothes and shoes because his family is going to be homeless soon. 

– (A girl) Wow, but how can someone so hot be so poor?  

– (Pedro) Maria, how could you do this? 


– (Maria) Oh, speak of the poor devil.

She looked at me coldly, and then I took off the shoes she bought me and threw them in her face.  

– (Pedro) Congratulations, Maria. Money has turned you into a real witch.  

I walked away from her and Isabella ran after me. 

– (Isabella) Pedro, wait. Don’t throw your education away because of her. Maria did something really humiliating to me once before and that’s why I stay away from her and whatever she wants. 

– (Pedro) What did she do to you, Isabella? 

Isabella started crying and I hugged her. Then she told me that she was the popular girl. At school once before, Maria was her best friend until she told everyone her big secret. 

– (Isabella) Maria kept asking about my Mom and then I told her something my family never shared with anyone. My Mom is in a mental institute. Maria told everyone at school, and from that day everyone called me a mental case. 

– (Pedro) Oh, Isabella, why didn’t you tell me this before? 

– (Isabella) Because I didn’t want you to think that I was a mad person. I’m not my mother. I’m me.  

After what Isabella told me, I wanted nothing more to do with Maria. So I completed my last year of high school with Isabella by my side and her Dad also helped my parents not lose the house.  

– (Pedro) Thank you so much for all that you did for my family. I hope to pay you back one day, sir.

– (Isabella’s Dad) You have a bright future ahead of you, Pedro, and it was a pleasure having you in my house.

– (Isabella) I’m going to miss you so much. 

I got a scholarship to study medicine in one of the most prestigious universities abroad and my school helped my parents pay for my flight ticket since I was the best student they ever had. I worked hard in university and became one of the best heart doctors in the world. When I went back to Brazil to visit my parents, I also paid a visit to Isabella and her father. 

– (Isabella) Pedro, I’m so glad to see you. 

Isabella looked emotional.  

– (Pedro) What’s wrong?  

– (Isabella) My Dad is in the hospital. It’s his heart. 

I spoke to the head of the hospital that Isabella’s father was in and I was ready to do anything to save him. While I was at the hospital, one of the nurses suddenly approached me. 

– (Maria) Pedro? 

I couldn’t recognize her since she had her hair covered up and when I looked closer, it was Maria.

– (Pedro) Hello, Maria.  

– (Maria) Wow, you’re a doctor now?

– (Pedro) Yes, and I am a very busy person, so please excuse me. 

I walked past her and I could feel her eyes still on me, but she was someone I forgot about a long time ago. After my successful operation on Isabella’s father, he couldn’t stop thanking me, and I was happy that I was able to do something good for him and Isabella.

– (Isabella) Pedro, you are like my angel. You always come into my life at just the right time. When I was lonely back at high school, you filled up my life, and today you saved my father. 

I hugged Isabella, and then suddenly Maria tapped my shoulder.  

– (Pedro) What can I do for you, Maria? 

– (Maria) I just wanted to say I’m sorry to both of you. 

She looked really sincere, so Isabella and I forgave her. She asked if we could have dinner together. I looked at Isabella and she nodded so we hung out together. As we sat in a restaurant, we actually enjoyed ourselves and when Isabella excused herself to go to the bathroom, Maria held my hand.

– (Maria) I still love you, Pedro. I don’t know what came over me in high school. But I’ve changed now. 

I slowly pulled my hand away from her.  

– (Pedro) I’m sorry, Maria, but I’m in love with Isabella and that’s why I came back to Brazil. 

Maria understood and then got up and left.  

– (Isabella) Where’s Maria? 

– (Pedro) She’s gone. So it’s just the two of us.  

I took Isabella’s hand, looked into her eyes and told her how I felt.     

– (Pedro) Isabella, will you go out with me on a real date? 

She smiled. 

– (Isabella) So I guess I did get the hottest guy in school after all. 

She always knew how to make me blush. 

Never let your current situation determine your future. When life throws you lemons, make sweet lemonade.


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