The Courageous Dragon


One scorching hot day a mother dragon was scavenging for food. She glided through the clear blue sky, painstakingly searching for food to nourish her baby. She flew back to her nest and carefully moved her pointy beak towards her baby and he hungrily gulped the food down his throat.
The mother dragon was gentle and caring. She had tremendous wings, glistening eyes and silvery scales. She adored her baby. He had red wings, blue scales and green eyes. He was adventurous and curious.
After his scrumptious meal, the baby dragon felt eager to explore his territory. He flapped his wings and his talons lifted up centimetres from the branch but then landed straight back on his shadow. He flapped his wings again desperate to feel freedom but he still couldn’t rise off the branch. His wings dangled down by his side and salty teardrops trickled down his face. Despite his dreams of flying, the baby dragon had never been able to leave his nest. His mother wrapped her colossal wings around him.
“Don’t worry. One day you will get there,” said his mother.
She curled up next to him and pulled him close as they fell asleep.
The mother and baby dragon woke up simultaneously, coughing from thick clouds of smoke. They lifted their wings and shielded their faces from the hellish heat. Flames flickered ferociously through the forest. Ashes were rising from the ground. Bushes were burnt, trees looked tragic.
“Climb on” said his mother as she bent down.
He quickly jumped onto her back and she tried to fly out but he was too heavy. As she lifted off she struggled to fly. She sank lower and lower.
“Darling, you have to fly all by yourself. You are too heavy to carry,” said the mother dragon anxiously.
The baby dragon took deep breaths in and out. He felt terrified.
“Come on you can do this, you’re courageous” said his mother.
He flapped his wings rapidly but he was still in his nest.
“Try again,” encouraged his mother. “The fire is getting closer.”
He thrashed his wings again. He could feel the burning hot fire touching his talons. He had to overcome his fear. He flapped his wings furiously and began to ascend from the tree. One metre, two metres. He could feel the breeze under his wings. He began to fly.
As he flew through the sky he looked down and saw the fire burning down their habitat and destroying their home. He was devastated to see their territory was being demolished. The baby dragon thought of an idea. He dashed down to a lake with his mother following him. They sucked up the water into their mouths, flew back into the sky and sprayed it across the forest onto the fire. As they sprayed the water, the fire slowly went out.
Weeks later the forest grew greener and the vibrant flowers were blooming. Now the baby dragon could explore his territory. He felt free.


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