The Bodhi Tree


“Go on adventures. Go to as many places as you can, wherever you can. You can always make money. You can’t always make memories. Explore. Dream. Discover,” said Dr. Nygard. The quote from one of yesterday’s therapy sessions couldn’t leave my mind. Over the past few years, I started to realize the growing emptiness inside of me. I didn’t enjoy my job as an engineer. Or as a professor a few months later. Or as an animal shelter volunteer. I went on a few first dates with people I met on “e-dating” websites, but I still ended up journeying this path all alone. Completely alone.

It’s been 90 miles down this never-ending path that has been said to lead to ‘enlightenment’. I didn’t know what this word meant, but every therapist I went to brought this up as soon as I explained my problems.


“You seem unsatisfied with your life. You need to search for enlightenment. Travel to the northeast end of India, where you will find the Bodhi tree. From there, you will embark on a new journey…the journey of life,” Dr. Dougster said.

And so I was nearing the end of this boring journey, finally about to reach the sacred Bodhi tree that would solve all my problems.

“This better be worth it,” I muttered to myself.

“Bodhi Tree Ahead” read one of the signs. I walked faster, passing by people who gave judging glares, until I finally reached the tree. And it was…dull. I looked around in circles, searching for another tree. Surely, this glorified chunk of bark couldn’t be it. I saw people on their knees praying to the sacred wood standing before me. I turned around and slowly walked away, realizing that life was meaningless.

On my way back down the path, I noticed the beautiful colors in the sky. Suddenly, a unicorn flew past me. And more unicorns behind it passed by me. It was truly obligatory. Then, as if I got hit by a unicorn, I got hit by a unicorn. All of a sudden, I was flying in the sky. I was a unicorn. I was free.

The end.


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