Stopping Microsoft Scammers From Stealing $20,000!


Today we’re gonna wreck some scammers who wouldn’t bat an eye while stealing $20,000 from a 70-year-old woman on Social Security. We’re gonna get into their system, disrupt their calls, change their passwords and save as many victims of theirs as we can.

(Voice) I want you to hang up on that other guy because he’s trying to scam you.

But first, you need to know how their scam works and it happens when you see a pop-up on your screen saying that your computer is at risk. And you need to call Microsoft to get their help fixing it. Now if you do see this on your computer, just ignore it, close it or reset your computer, otherwise you’re going to be calling a Scam center in India whose system I happen to have access to. So let’s listen in. 

(Voice) Thanks for calling Microsoft. This is Kevin here. How may I help you? 

And once you tell them about the air, they’re going to want to remote into your computer and convince you that someone has hacked into your bank account. 

(Victim audio distorted) I’ve evidently been hacked.

Now if someone tells you that your bank account has been compromised, the first thing you probably want to do is actually calling your bank and these scammers are so nice and they’ll actually call your bank for you. So they get you to give them the number on the back of your credit card and they initiate a three-way call and actually call up your bank.

(Voice) This call may be monitored for quality assurance.

Except they hang up before a representative answers because what they’re gonna do is actually transfer you to one of their co-scammers who pretends to be your bank. Meet Alicia Wilson.

(Alicia Wilson) Thank you for calling the Neighborhood Credit Union. This is Alicia Wilson. How can I help you today? 

This scammer sounds very different from her co-workers. She’s either perfected an American accent or they’ve hired an American to scam her own people, which is so nuts it boils my blood like this is so bad, this is like Espionage.

(Alicia Wilson) Can you provide me with an account number? So I can pull up your account.

(Voice) Yes, I can.

But Alicia is going to make this victim think there’s an usual charge on her bank account. 

(Alicia) On your checking account, there is a charge of 20,000 there for It looks like a pending charge, so have you done this pending charge?   

$20,000? What kind of porn are these hackers looking at?

(Voice) For XXX? I’m 70 years old. I don’t give a crap about XXX!

So Alicia says she can’t stop the transaction because these are Russian hackers.

(Alicia) This is a Russian merchant, OK?

Instead, she needs the victim to withdraw the $20,000 cash and put it into a secure digital cryptocurrency wallet where it will be safe.

(Alicia) Cryptocurrency is a um…a process where and which you can secure your amount securely, and nobody is able to take out that amount besides you, OK?

And Alicia has the address for her bank so she Googles the nearest Bitcoin machine and she finds one in a Dari Mart outside of town.

(Voice) How come I have to go to a Dari Mart instead of just going back to the bank? 

Yeah, why would a reputable bank send their members to a shady Bitcoin machine.

(Alicia) It’s a digital currency wallet machine, so the ATM for this is located in different various places.

And as you can imagine this victim is going to get some suspicious looks, walking into a bank to withdraw $20,000 cash. So Alicia is seriously going to instruct her to lie about what the money’s for.

(Alicia) You’re going to withdraw the money of $20,000. They will ask you “Why do you require so much money today?” because it’s a credit union, you know, we have a small budget every time. So what you’re going to say is: “I need $20,000”, “Um…”, “For my personal use…”, “I’m buying a car today”, OK? 

And the victim is convinced that this is all legit. So now Alicia transfers the victim back to Kevin for Microsoft who’s gonna take it from here. 

(Kevin) Hi, I’m Kevin here from Microsoft. Can you hear me?

(Voice) Yeah, I can hear you. 

So Kevin instructs her to get dressed and drive to the bank and he tells her to keep the phone line open, so he can give her step-by-step instructions.

(Kevin) Once you’re ready to leave, just say hello to me and plug in your phone to the charger.

So she gets in her car and she heads to the bank, ready to do as she’s told with a scammer listening to every single word.

Now these scammers are passing their calls back and forth to each other using the voice phones which means their calls are all internet-based. And that’s if I can see what you are saying now. I have admin access to the PBX account and I’m not going to tell you how I got access because the scammers might be watching right now. But let me just say this to you, scammers, you got outsmarted by a 17-year-old kid from Serbia and now he and I are about to mess things up. Anyway from here I can see how many Asians are active, what their names are and who’s currently on the phone with a victim. Now at first, I couldn’t hear the actual calls because we hadn’t been able to link the calling software that the Asians use but with admin access, I was able to keep the current victims from getting to the end of the scam and we know what the scam is, scare them, get them to the bank, then get them to a Bitcoin machine. And the whole thing takes about an hour to two hours and I don’t know these victims’ phone numbers. I just know they’ve been on the phone with the scammers for about 25 minutes. So if I couldn’t intercept the calls I’d simply just end them. Oops…What a waste of 25 minutes! And if they call back I can see them connected and I would just end it again. I also have the option to transfer the calls and I got a little nervous about transferring them to me because I don’t want them seeing my number. So I just Googled the FBI’s number and transferred it there. Now I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in this call center, watching these guys scratching their heads. But I can use my imagination and I do know that they’re freaking out because someone is anxiously regenerating all the Asians passwords. And I can see the person doing this as an India IP address and I know that when I make changes, they will definitely see mine too. Which is why I’m using a VPN which stands for a virtual private Network. And Surfshark VPN is the VPN that I trust. 

(To be continue…)


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