Stopping Microsoft Scammers from Stealing $20,000! (Part 2)


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Here’s something fun that I did. I’ve called a lot of these scammers before and a lot of times they will use a voicemail or a greeting to let you know you’ve called Microsoft or PayPal or whatever. And I see a place where you can upload that file, so I went over to Watson text to generate a nice little greeting for these scammers’ victims.

(Voice) Thank you for calling Microsoft. Just kidding. This isn’t Microsoft. This is a group of scammers based in India who still wet the bed. If you’re experiencing problems with your computer, just reset it and it should be fine.

Hopefully that will stop at least some calls from coming in. But at this point, we’ve learned that we can regenerate the passwords for the active agents which will kick them all out and allow us to login instead. And now that I’m connected I can click on a call to listen which will send a call to my voice software where all I can do is listen.


(Voice) All I see on my screen is my home screen.

(Voice) Sir, do you know where the Play Store is? Like where you can download any applications? Go to the Play Store.

Yeah, so I hear an elderly gentleman being instructed to download any deaths from the Google Play Store which is step one of the scam. 

(Voice) Yeah, I’ve already done that.

We are seconds away from this guy, giving the scammers access to his bank account. But now that I have his number. It’s time to call and stop this from any further.

(Voice) Um, hi sir. How are you? Hello, hello. Are you there? 

  • Yeah
  • Are you on the phone with some tech-support people right now?
  • Yeah, I’m trying. 
  • Okay, well sir. I wanna let you know that’s a scam and I would just advise you to just, uh, hang up on them and don’t say anything more to them. Can you do that for me? 
  • My computer’s not working. What, what do I do here? 
  • So you can hang up on that other call. I’ll help you with it, okay?
  • So all you want me to do is hang up this phone.
  • Hang up your, hang up your phone and I’ll call you right back. I want you to hang up on that other guy because he’s trying to scam you.
  • Alright. Excellent. I’ll do it right now.
  • Don’t. Don’t even talk to him. Just hang up, okay? And I’ll call you right back and I’ll help you.
  • Alright.
  • Okay. I’ll call you right back. 

And then I spend the next hour doing tech support for this poor guy.

  • Oh, it’s off right now apparently. 
  • Okay, go ahead and turn it back on. 
  • The only thing I was trying to look up was hilti nail guns. I’m not out here. Trolling for women or **** sex. Apparently it’s working.
  • Everything is working, okay? 
  • So, whatever you did. I guess it must have worked!
  • Great! Great! I’m glad that we could help.
  • I don’t know what else to say, but thank you.
  • Okay, you’re very welcome. Have a great day and um be safe, you. 

You remember how I opened this video with a recording of that woman being dragged all over town to stick money in a Bitcoin machine. 

(Voice) I’ve evidently been hacked and Microsoft wanted me to call and see. If there’s anything bad coming in on my account. 

Well, that was a recording that I wasn’t able to stop but listening to it, you can hear that when she gets to the bank, the teller smells something fishy and speaks up here.

(Voice) Why are they on your computer? 

  • They’re from tech support.
  • Well, then hang up on the phone. They shouldn’t be on your…. I mean, hang up on them. It’s fraud. 

The teller advisors are to hang up on the scammers and then out of caution, they cancel her account and they set her up with a new one. 

(Voice) We’ve gotta get the account closed 

  • OK 
  • Cause we don’t have an Alicia Wilson.
  • I didn’t think so 

This hero cashier stopped the scam because she spoke up when she saw something weird. So now I’m telling all of you to be like her. So next time you see a confused person at a Bitcoin machine or at a rack of gift cards at Walmart, walk over to them and open your mouth and say something like: “Are you okay?”, “Is someone asking you to do this?”. Don’t be afraid to be weird about it. You can stop someone from losing everything they have or you can meet the one senior citizen on the planet who’s into Bitcoin which could also be fun. So don’t get scammed and don’t let your loved ones get scammed either.  


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