Silver Sands


Bubbles floated above my head as my flippers swayed gracefully in the water. No fish in sight, probably the worse dive we’ve had all year. There is still coral though. Beautiful, bright, blue coral, swaying with the current. I felt something on my leg, which made me jump. I turned around and found my diving partner, Harrison Brown, laughing his flippers off. I smirked and rolled my eyes knowing Harry will never change. His brown, curly hair was straightened out, wet as water and shiny as the sun, as the sunlight reflected off the water and shone onto him. He was the only thing I was paying attention to at the moment, like the sunlight was a spotlight shining right at him. His big smile could light up Australia in the dark. He always makes me laugh even when I don’t want to. A school of fish suddenly made a brick wall between us. The fish were shades of all different colours of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Some were even multicoloured, I have never seen different types of fish make one school. “Hm just proves any one can be together no matter how different” I tried to say. But he probably just heard “jdsjjsmsjskkx”. We hopped out of the water, yet another successful dive! We returned our gear and I started to walk home. Harry followed me. I was confused. His home is on the other side of town. Was he finally going to ask me out? No, no he wasn’t. He ran straight past me to his friends. A tear rolled down my cheek. Colours of magic filled the sky as clouds were painted on through it. The aqua water splashed onto shore, with every wave there was a “swoosh” .Tonight was a perfect night. The sunset magic faded and balls of light shone and shimmered, and twirled around the dark background of the night. We laughed, we ate. But in the end we were together. Just me and my family. At least my family has always been there through everything and anything . And even though the night might have not looked perfect it truly was perfect. We packed up our stuff from the beach as harry came running to us.
“ANNA, ANNALEASE, WAIT” he shouted.
I tried to hold back tears, he did nothing wrong, it was just me. I was stupid.
“Yes” I replied.
“Do…you…wanna…grab a milkshake tomorrow?” He asked while kicking the sand.
My mouth widened with a smile.
“I would love too!” I replied happier than ever. He then quickly ran home.
Yes tonight really was perfect.


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