Scammers Are Now Coming After Lost Dogs?!


Losing a pet is never fun, and it’s only made worse when scammers take advantage of you when you’re stressed out. Yes, some scammers are seriously going to steal from you while you’re out looking for your last dog. How mean is that? I was notified of a guy named Chris Grassi who commented on someone’s Facebook post about their lost dog, and he said if you’ve lost a pet immediately, send a text to this number. They are specialized in animal tracking. They are highly recommended as they helped me with the recovery of mine when stolen. Now this Chris guy has been very busy. I did a Google search for him and I can see that he spends all his days commenting the same thing in last animal Facebook groups. Maybe he’s just really excited about this company that tracks down lost animals. So I decided to see exactly how he could help. So I texted him and I said, “Hi, is this a company that does animal tracking?” and I get a cute picture of a dog with a graphic boasting a 97% success rate.

And he says: “Lost a pet cat or dog notify thousands of neighbor immediately. 

Well, I’m convinced I say: “Great”. 

And he asked: “What’s the name of your pet?” 

And I just make up a name 

And I say: “Spike” 

And he says: “Date your pet went missing.” 

And I say: “today” 

“Is he chipped?”

I say: “No” 

He says: “Kindly send 4 photos of your pet.”

All right. So I do the same thing that scammers do every day and I go to Instagram and I steal someone else’s photos. Oh, there are so many cute dogs here. But I find a cute lab and I send the pictures alone. 


He says: “Getting your pet back home safely as soon as possible is all that matters right now. There should be no time wasting on situation like these. We got K9 trailing search, drones and MARN technician coming over for the search. What street was he spotted that last?”

Wow he’s got a whole military style operation to find this dog. But I just make up something and I say: “Elm Street.”

“Your pet will be brought to you in safe hands. That is our priority. We do charge.”

Ah, of course they charge 

He says: “Our K9 trailing search, drones will start the search. We charge $100 for our service (if not seen in three days it will be fully refunded immediately). We are waiting on you for the search to begin. There should be no time wasting on situation like these. Getting your pet back home safely ASAP is all that matters right now. So can we proceed?” 

I said: “Where are you?” 

He said: “We located at LA and we got expert all over the states.” 

He didn’t even ask what state I lived in. All I gave him was a fake street from an 80s horror flip. 

I said: “How do I pay you?”

“We got cashapp zell and Pay Pal. How do you want to make your payments?” 

I responded and I say: “Zell”. 

He says: “Here’s the Zell info kindly make your payment and send a screenshot of payment ones done for the fast confirmation. So search would commence immediately.” 

So he sent me an email address for a guy named Jose and I said: “aAe you Jose?”

“It was given to me by the company supplier. I can assure you your pet will be brought to you safely. That’s our priority. We do our job well and the pet are being taken to their home safely. You have nothing to worry about. If your pet isn’t brought to you, your money will be fully refunded to you ASAP.”  

Now, if Jose has a Zelle account, then he must have a US bank account. But something tells me that this scammer is not in the US, which would mean that Jose is a domestic money mule that I need to report to law enforcement. But the scammer wants my money quick. He says: “Send a screenshot of the payment.” I think that this guy doesn’t seem very smart. So I’m going to send him a trackable link from that will snag his IP address if he clicks on it. And he’s dumb enough to click on it and I can see that he’s coming from Santa Clara, California. Not so fast you scammer. I can tell that you’re using a VPN because the timezone in your phone is Nigeria time.

Which makes sense because I go to Chris’ Facebook page, and he’s changed his name from Samuel Patrick, and all his friends are from Nigeria, Nigeria, Nigeria. Well, he has no idea that I know who he really is. So he just asked for my Zelle name. And I look up the most common name in Nigeria and it turns out it’s Musa. So that’s what I tell him that my username is and he didn’t write back. I was like: “Have you started looking yet? Hello” 

(To be continue…)


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