Scammers Are Now Coming After Lost Dogs?! (Part 2)


Could I have guessed this guy’s real name and scared him off? Is this guy’s name really Musa? Well, I’m not done with his music guy or whatever his name is. So I wrote him back from another number and I said: “Hello is this is the pet tracking service. I saw your number on Facebook.” Now while we wait for him to respond, it’s kind of shocking how much you can find out about a person just off a single click like where you are or what kind of device you’re using. But now imagine what other kinds of personal information of yours is being collected and sold to data brokers. Who want to target you? It happens every day, but you have rights and you can tell them to delete any information that they have on you. But the bad news is that it would take you literally years to write them all one by one asking to be removed. So really quickly, I want to tell you to check out Incogni and let them do all the messy work for you. And Incogni helps you protect your privacy and take your personal data off the market by reaching out to data brokers on your behalf. Just create an account and tell them whose personal data, you’re requesting to have removed, grant them the right to work for you and sit back and relax and watch them do their work. If any objections, come in and cognate will handle that for you too. I signed up for Incogni and I’ve been seeing the results and the first one visit my link below and sign up with my code PLEASANTGREEN will get 20% off. It’s time to declutter your life and your inbox and stay private online. So try it out today.

Lost Dog Poster

Well he eventually writes back and says: “Thanks for contacting 24petwatch. We know the feeling of sleepless night, fear and stress of having a missing pet. That’s why we are here to help you find your furbaby or feathered friends. How can we help you?” 


Well, he goes through the same script and he asked for my dog’s name. So I googled the most common dog’s name in 2022 and it turns out it’s Luna. So I told him: “Luna”

He says: “date Luna went missing?” 

“It was Sunday night.”

So he continued with the script and he asked for more photos. So I’m back to Instagram looking for more dog photos. 

He says: “what street was she spotted at last?” 

So now I googled the most famous street in Lagos, Nigeria. And it turns out it’s Broad Street. So I respond and I say: “Broad Street” and he goes quiet for like five minutes. But eventually he starts up with how he’s going to call on the military and the drones and the technicians and how he needs $100 to get started. He doesn’t even know where I live.

I say: “Do you operate in my city?” 

“Yes, we got expert all over the states in US. You have nothing to worry about.” 

I say: “But I’m not in the USA.” 

“Where are you located?” 

I said: “Lagos, Nigeria. Do you operate there? Hello?”

I scared him again. I’m having way too much fun. So I get a third Google Voice number and I texted him. I say: “Are you able to help me find my dog? I saw your number on Facebook.” I should know that this game is apparently happening a lot because the website missing animal has a whole section warning you about these scams. Apparently scammers have been impersonating this company, but this company doesn’t send drones to find your dogs. They just provide you with tips and training material to do it yourself. But he responds and I get the standard greeting and I learned about the drones in the search party and he asked for the name of the dog. And I just cut right to the chase and I say: “Musa” and cricket. 

That’s totally his name. And I could seriously do this all day but I should let you guys have some fun too. So I’m actually editing this video right now. And it turns out that I think I actually do know his real name because he was dumb enough to leave it in the URL of his Facebook account. It’s Samuel Patrick. So I get on WhatsApp and I message the number that I’ve been texting him on. And I say: “Hi, is this Samuel Patrick?”

And he writes back right away. He says: “Hello, sorry who’s these?” 

Which is a pretty clear indicator that it’s him. And I just respond and say: “Freddy Krueger” and that’s when he immediately calls me: “Hello, is this Samuel Patrick?”

“Solid Patrick?” 

“Yeah, is this you?” 

“Sorry. Sorry You got her anomalies.” 

“Oh, okay. Well, then this must be Chris Gresty. Are you the one that’s been scamming people while they’re trying to find their dogs?”

“No, no, no” 

“Okay, well, it’s been someone from this number though. Okay, well, I just wanted to know if you have anything you want to say for yourself, anything you wanted to say about what you’ve been up to.”

“No, I’m not the one. I’m not.” 

“Okay, you’re not.” 

So after he hangs up, he’s still messaging me and he says: “Hello. How does these Samuel Patrick look like?”. 

And I respond and I say: “look in the mirror and tell me” 

And he laughs and he says: “really?” 

And I just say: “Do you have anything to say for yourself?” 

And he says: “Yeah, go f your mom, Ben.” 

So I think we found our guy. So if you see Chris Gresty or Musa or whatever his name is trying to get you to pay him to find your dog, then tell him you don’t appreciate him taking advantage of people who are going through a hard time, or just ignore him and warn your friends by sharing this video.


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