Scammer Loses It When I Cost Him Thousands!


So the other day I get a text message that says: “Hello Chelsea.” Okay, wait, why are they calling me Chelsea? Well, probably because this is one of the many Google Voice numbers that I use to interact with scammers and I have gone by the name of Chelsea before. But who is this? Well, it goes on to say: “This is John Valdee. This is about Store Evaluation assignments $577 compensation. USPS delivered a check of  $2,477.85 to your mailbox. Here’s the tracking number. I send the instructions on what to do. Let me know if you understood.”

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What on earth is he talking about? And that’s when they hit me that I know John Valdee, I made a video about him over a year ago. I traced his IP address and I learned that he’s in Nigeria and he’s trying to sign people up for a car wrap scam. And he must still have my number but he has it confused with another Chelsea that he’s trying to scam. Now what is the nature of this scam? Well, basically they act like they’re gonna pay you to wrap your car with something like Frito Lay or monster and they’ll send you a fake check to cover the cost of the materials. Then they’ll have you cash the check and buy gift cards for the wrap specialist before your bank holds you responsible for the money that you just took out. But now John  Valdee has switched up his scam. And now he’s making you think that you’re getting paid to be a secret shopper who’s gonna go buy gift cards and evaluate the store where you shop? Scammers are always changing things which is a little scary, but it’s good job security for me. So I decided to have some fun and I responded and I asked what address did you send the check to.  And he responds with some address in California. Okay, I don’t live in California. He definitely has me confused with somebody else. But I’m not gonna let him know that and I’m not gonna let him scam the other Chelsea. So I told him that I didn’t get it and he asked for my actual address. So I got my personal P.O box and he says: “I’ll get a check in a couple of days.” So I check the tracking that he sends me and it looks like it wasn’t delivered because the addressee is unknown. 


Yeah, probably because the only names on my P.O box are Pleasant Green and Ben Dover, not Chelsea. So now he’s asking me for my physical address, which I would never give to him. So instead, I asked if I could get a virtual chair. And he says: “Virtual check? Do you have a means to print out the check?”. He sounds very impressed that I know how checks work.

And I say: “Yes.” 

Then he says: “You will get the virtual check on Monday.” 

Now I think that I may have just given him an idea because instead of sending me the virtual check, he writes me the next day and says: “Good morning, Chelsea. Can you work as Payroll clerk? $3,000 monthly.” 

Okay, so now he wants me to work for him. Now this is how these Nigerian scammers get their fake checks to you in the United States. They trick people like me or Chelsea into thinking that we’re working as Payroll clerks. They send us labels and check files and they have us print them out and mail them. These are also known as money mules and more often than not, they have no idea what they’re doing is illegal. They just think that they’re working as Payroll clerks for a guy named John Valdee. But I know better and now that I’m involved, I’m gonna burn this operation down from the inside. 

Now I know that this guy is based in Nigeria because he isn’t smart enough to encrypt his data and I think that you should learn from his mistakes and get yourself a VPN like me. And the VPN that I use is Surfshark VPN, and I want to shout them out for sponsoring this video. When John clicked on my link, I could tell where he was, what time it was, and even what device he was using. Think about the things that scammers and big tech are learning about you when you click on their stuff, your location, your interests and a whole lot more. I don’t like people using my data. So I use Surfshark VPN to mask my IP address. I can make it look like I’m in another state or even another country and access the content that I need regardless of where I am. Also, Surfshark cleans web feature, blocks ad trackers and malware and reduces the amount of data I use, improves my speeds and it keeps me from falling for any phishing attempts like the many that you see me talking about on this channel. It’s time to secure your digital life and get a VPN and when you sign up for Surfshark VPN, you can put it on all of your devices as they allow unlimited devices on one account. So guess Surfshark VPN at surfshark.dale, slash Pleasant Green and enter code PLEASANTGREEN for 83% off and three extra months for free! 

So John goes on to tell me that I might be sending out 20 to 30 checks every day and he’s gonna pay me $3,000 a month. Wow. Now I have no idea if he’s actually going to pay me or if he’s just going to use me for as long as you can and then go find another mule. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. But the first thing that you need in order to print out checks is some Check Paper. So I head on down to Staples and I dropped 25 bucks on a whole stack. Then John tells me to head to the post office and get some free Priority Mail envelopes. But if I have some ordinary brown ones, those will work as well. Turns out I actually run a small business shipping books so I have plenty of brown envelopes. Then he asked me if I had plain white paper and I said: “Yes”. Then he asked me if I have enough ink in my printer and I said: “I think so.” 

Then he says: “We can begin now. Also, we’re going with UPS now, not USPS.” 

Okay, whatever.

He says: “Okay, I will send the checks. Check your email, I sent 20 checks.” 

So I pull it up and this scammer has information on 20 people from all over the United States and he’s intending on cutting them a check. But he needs someone in the United States to print them out on actual Check Paper so the banks will cash them. 

He says: “Please print one and send a picture to make sure it’s printed correctly.” 

So I do what I’m told to earn his trust and I print it out and I snap a picture. 

And he says: “Okay, so you’re going to detach them separately. You should print the rest.” Now I’m not going to print anymore, but I’ll let him think that I will. 

Then he says: “I will forward the labels now, you will print the labels on the white paper. I also send a letter, you will put 20 pieces and put each in the package. That is all.” 

All right. I actually printed out John’s letter and here it is. 

“Dear Applicant, 

Kindly read these guidelines and follow the instructions. 

( To be continue…)


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