Scammer Loses It When I Cost Him Thousands! (Part 2)


This is an instruction you will need to follow your auto wrap campaign payment regarding” Yeah, okay, so he goes on to say you’re gonna cash the check, take the money out, go buy gift cards and then contact this guy. So yeah, it works exactly as I said it would. 

Well, John tells me I should drop them off today and the last pickup time is 5pm. So now I only have a few hours and if I don’t deliver these checks to the UPS store, he’s going to fire me and find another mule to scam these people. So I go to work printing the UPS labels and cutting them out. And I put on my superhero cape but I started trying to call these people and warn them what they’ve gotten themselves into. I figured if I have a name and an address then I should be able to find a phone number in the public records. So I start calling. When a lot of these people aren’t picking up and a lot of the numbers are disconnected, and a lot of people are just suspicious: “Hello looking for Quan Yatra”

I got a hold of one lady who actually fell for the scam once already. 

(Voice) I put it into my bank and I came back bad. 

And I guess they’re gonna try to hit her again. So I’m not gonna be able to warn these people over the phone. So I’ve got to come up with another way. So I void the checks that I’ve just printed out and I throw away the letter that he wants me to send and I draft my own letter. “Dear Applicant, 

We’re sorry to inform you that we’ve gone out of business due to some illegal activities on our part. Needless to say, we won’t be hiring you. Here’s a treat to make it up to you. 

John Valdee.” 

Then I drove over to the store and I bought some Dum Dums and then dropped my letter with a Dum Dum into each package. And I took those packages to the UPS store and they were soon on their way to their intended recipients. Pretty much the easiest job ever. And I wanted to see how long I could keep this going. So I wrote a job the next day and I said: “Is there any work for me today?” 


And he said: “Yes, I will be sending soon, you will be dropping off at the post office today and not UPS.” 

And I was like: “Okay” 

And he said: “How many USPS envelopes do you have?” 

And I said: “Ten” 

I really don’t have any but I know that you can get these for free at the post office. 

And he said: “Okay, we need up to 40”

40? Holy crap, how many checks that this guy sent out a day? And don’t you think that he should make sure that I’m actually sending what he wants me to send first. But he ends up sending me 40 more pages of individual names, but he doesn’t include a memo and I said: “Is there supposed to be a memo going out with this?” 

And he says: “No, no memo.”

Okay, this might be a different scam, but he sends me the labels and asks: “Are you putting the labels on the envelopes now?”

So I did one and then I sent him a picture to show that I am. 

“Wow you very fast. Are you going to drop them off at the post office soon?” 

Yes, as soon as I stuffed them with more letters and Dum Dums. To tell them: “Yes.” 

Then he says: “Okay, let me know when drop off. How many USPS envelopes you have left?” And I say: “I have to get more?” 

“Yes, if you can get up to 50”

50? How many people does this guy have on the line? That’s when I said: “When do I get paid?” 

And he said: “Soon. Are you on your way to the post office?” 

I say: “Yes.” 

And then I quickly packaged the 40 envelopes and I head to the post office and I dropped them all off. And I say: “Done.” So at this point, my 20 packages from yesterday are on their way to mailboxes around the country. And there’s 40 more right after that. Plus I got another 50 coming tomorrow. But instead of John thanking me for my wonderful work, I get this message from him: “Are you being serious? What is the meaning of this?” 

And I was like: “I dropped them off” 

And then he sends me this picture. Someone must have received their letter and texted him this picture. 

He said: “Why did you send that? What is the meaning of this?” 

And I’ve been caught. So I gotta be honest. And I said: “That’s what I mailed to the people.” He said: “Why would you do that? So you did the same thing today?”


“So you had plenty of time to buy check paper and mail this out?” 

“Yes. When do I get paid?” 

“Have you taken your medication today?” 

And I said: “Yes, have you? Quit making Nigerians look bad.” 

And he said: “Who are the Nigerians?” 

And I said: “Don’t be stupid. I’m tracking you.” 

He said: “Probably you ran away from rehab. You are very sick.” 

And I guess it is a little strange for me to spend two whole days buying Check Paper and suckers and mailing them out to strangers just for a good laugh. 

But I responded and I said: “But at least I’m not a dum dum.” 

And then he blocked me after that. So I don’t get to hear his reaction when the 59 other people that he thought was going to fall for his scam. Write him about getting a sucker instead of a check. 

Well, I hope you guys thought that that was funny. But more importantly, I hope to see how scammers could use you to carry out their scams. Don’t accept the work from shady people like this. And keep in mind that mules that you might interact with could be victims themselves, help them understand what they’re involved with and get the right authorities involved. You don’t want to get messed up in mail fraud. 

Hey, I appreciate you guys watching. I got a lot more scams to tell you about it. So subscribe for more, and I’ll see you next time. 


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