Thrashing through the icy winds of Scotland, Pigwidgeon flew with no fear of who his new master was because his last two had died of suspicious circumstances before he even had a chance to know them. He felt the cold harshness of the British coast chasing him through the desolate mountainous terrain. Beautiful!!!. Fear was not his favourite feeling so he tried to avoid it as much as possible. But what he thought was a bit suspicious was the fact that he was assigned this job by mass murderer Sirius Black.

What he did not know was that the weather was not the only thing he had to worry about.


The Raven charged behind him counting every move- waiting, watching and stalking his prey- who didn’t even know he was there. Three, his eyes locked on to the owl. Two, he tensed up waiting for the owl to move a bit to the left. One, he got into the perfect position, ready to strike. He leapt into the air, striking the unsuspecting owl. Pigwidgeon thrashed, but it was no use, he was done for. He twisted and turned, but the red beast was determined. He was about to crash when the raven hit him with such force that Pigwidgeon’s letter was knocked out of his mouth and into the beast’s. The raven started to choke and gasp, when it finally lost control of breathing it fell so far and hit the ground with such force that the raven’s insides were knocked out and the letter broke free from the bird’s neck. Pigwidgeon was free to deliver the letter and get to work for his master.

Pigwidgeon had made the journey only to discover his master was a red haired slob who couldn’t even turn a mouse into a goblet. No one even asked him how his journey was. So after all that, Pigwidgeon went to a school where he would eventually have to fight in a mythical war that he didn’t care about.


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