My Stepmom Made Me Homeless


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I was born on a farm in San Jose and Dad raised me all by himself. My dad was awesome and he’d let me do anything I wanted. I could dress up in any way for school that I wanted, and most times I wanted to dress like him, but that didn’t go well with my teachers and even my granny. Everyone was always telling Dad how I looked like a boy and needed to grow my hair out and wear girly clothes. Once when a teacher told me to dress in a princess gown for a school play, I refused. She was pretty pissed. Dad was called to the school but he did the unthinkable. He walked in wearing a dress.

– (Alice) You look so funny.

– (Dad) Nah, I look cute. Don’t be jealous.

– (Teacher) What is the meaning of this? 

– (Dad) The meaning is, we will wear whatever makes us comfortable. Come on love. Let’s go home. 

Dad was the best. On my sixth birthday, I was so excited about my gift. I had always wanted mom’s jewelry box that dad had in his room, but instead he got me a set of tools and said that I would get the box when I was older. One Father’s Day, I decided to surprise him, and I wrote “I love my dad” with a screwdriver on his car, and Dad looked so happy that he had tears in his eyes. 

– (Dad) Oh my God. Oh my dear God 

– (Alice) You like it? I knew you would.

(Dad weeps)

That was my dad. He loved me no matter what. One time Dad and I went to a carnival in our town, and as I said on the mini roller coaster I was shaking with excitement and fear. Just then I noticed a boy next to me who looked scared, so I just grabbed his hand.


– (Alice) I guess we have to do this now.

– (Boy) Don’t forget to scream 1…2…3 

(Both screaming)

Screaming made the ride that good. I had no idea. When we were done, I ran and hugged dad

– (Dad) That’s my girl

– (Boy) Girl? I thought you were a boy.

– (Alice laughs) I get that a lot. By the way, you look like a girl.

– (Boy) Thanks for the compliment.

It turned out Max was my new neighbor who had recently moved to town. Soon we became really close. One day he insisted on painting my nails. I hated it, but in return, I made him play soccer with me. Life was good. Dad’s business was booming. He was able to get more land. As time passed, I noticed how many people would always be telling my dad how he needed to remarry so I would have a mom. It made me wonder how awesome life would be if I had a family, a complete family. When I turned 13, Dad eventually gave in and married. My stepmom was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and Dad was totally in love with her. She also had a daughter, Abby, who was my age, and I was ecstatic to have a mom and a sister. Abby and I bonded really well. I even shared my room with her.

– (Abby) Wow, you have your own laptop? I could never imagine my real dad getting me one. – (Alice) Yeah, it’s really important to have one. I’m sure Dad’s gonna get you one too.

– (Abby) Oh, it doesn’t matter. I have a dad. I already feel like I have the world.

Abby was sweet and she was all so crazy about making Dad happy. 

– (Abby) Hey Dad, see, I won the title of Star kid in school. Dad, I made your favorite soup. I polished your shoes. Here is your favorite tie, Dad. 

She stuck like glue with Dad and he always praised her.

– (Dad) Oh, you’re really the perfect little girl.

I guess dad noticed the look on my face.

– (Dad) Look, honey, Abby didn’t have a dad growing up. I’m happy she’s adjusting to us so well. I hope you’re okay with it.

– (Alice) Okay Dad, but only if you promise me that I’ll always be your number one.

– (Dad) Of course sweetheart.

Abby even got along pretty well with Max, and she started to be with us all the time when we played soccer. I like having her around, but I couldn’t say the same for my stepmom. She was a total party animal. She loved having her friends and family over all the time. Another thing she loved was shopping. One time, stepmom took us to the mall and then her credit card maxed out. On our way out, suddenly the alarm rang and security snatched our bag. And to my horror, a dress came out of my bag.

– (Stepmom) This is, this is so embarrassing.

– (Abby) Why didn’t you steal Alice?

– (Alice) Oh my? What in the world? But how? 

I felt my cheeks burn as everyone in the store looked at me. 

– (Alice) But I didn’t, I swear. 

– (Stepmom laughs) Kids, please, can we go? You have the dress. It must have been a mistake. 

(To be continue…)


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