My Stepmom Made Me Homeless (Part 2)


Well, things were a mess, but somehow we got out of it. At home, mom told Dad everything.

– (Dad) Oh honey, you should have told Mom you liked the dress.

– (Alice) Like it? Dad, it was icky pink. Do you think I would ever wear it? It was big. I did see Mom putting it in my bag.

– (Stepmom) When? (Stepmom chuckles) I mean, I would never.

– (Alice) To be honest, I didn’t see it but I had a feeling it was her.

But Dad didn’t take my word for it and asked Abby about the dress and before she could answer, I snapped.

– (Alice) Like you really have to ask Abby? Don’t you trust me?

– (Dad) It’s not like that. Wait, Alice.

A few days later, when I returned from school and was going to my room, I saw something familiar in my stepmom’s hand. OMG! It was my mom’s jewelry box.

– (Stepmom) Oh, is this what he gave to his wife, and he can’t even increase my credit card limit? Huh, he made me steal that dress. I guess I’ll be keeping this one. Oh my god!

– (Alice) This is my mom’s. Give it back. 

I wanted to snatch the box, but she dropped it on purpose and broke it, and then I screamed as loud as I could. When Dad came running I told him everything, but right then, my stepmom started the waterworks.

– (Stepmom) Honey, I was just dusting the box and it slipped from my hand. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have touched the box. Alice, I didn’t mean it.

– (Alice) Oh, cut it out. You know what you did, you lying piece of your garbage.

– (Dad) Alice! She is your mom. You are not supposed to talk to her like that. You are grounded.

I tried to tell my dad the truth but he wouldn’t listen to me, even Abby wasn’t talking to me now and she moved to another room.

– (Abby) How could you lie about my mom that way? She’s the nicest.

Things got even worse when our results for 9th grade came in.

– (Stepmom) Hey honey, Abby got an A but poor Alice flunked, again.

– (Dad) It’s great. I’m proud of Abby. Alice, you need to step up your game.

– (Alice) I will, Dad, I’ll work harder.

Saying that, I left the room, but when I turned, I saw Abby hugging Dad.

– (Abby) Oh, Dad, I work so hard just to make you happy. Am I your number one now?

– (Dad) Oh uh, yeah. You’re both my number one.

What? I felt gutted, but at least I had Max. I wanted to share everything so when he came to visit, I just wanted to take him outside, but the guy was glued to the couch with Abby.

– (Alice) Max, we gotta go.

– (Max) Umm, is it important? Soccer can wait. This episode of “The Kardashians” needs my undivided attention. You go ahead. I know you hate this show.

What? I couldn’t believe even Max didn’t have time for me. It was the lowest point of my life and I just distanced myself from everyone, even Max. Though he kept trying to talk to me. I just wanted to focus on changing my situation by studying. I needed to ace my exams and get out of this place. My hard work paid off and I got good grades, and my application to an Engineering University got accepted. I was so sure that Dad would be happy, but his reaction was the opposite.


– (Dad) Alice, that’s good. But New York, that’s almost 3,000 miles away.

– (Stepmom) Honey, don’t forget your farms are facing the worst dry spell. You just sold one of them for $100,000 to pay off debts. To send her to that college we would need tons of money.

– (Alice) I’m talking to Dad. Do you mind staying out of this?

– (Dad) She is right. I think you should just stay here and not leave me. 

– (Alice) You think I’ll just stay here forever and rot? Why do you want me here? So you can just ignore me all day? Never. That’s all her planning. She’s not a mom, she’s a witch. And you think this is the perfect family frame? It’s not.

– (Dad) Alice, enough of this. I can’t believe you have so much hatred for this family.

– (Alice) Some perfect family, ugh. 

It was the first time I’d seen dad so angry and disappointed in me. The same day I saw Mom and Abby talking but they abruptly stopped when they saw me. What was that all about? Later when I was in my room, Abby walked in looking really worried.

– (Abby) Alice? I heard Mom and Dad talk about sending you to a bootcamp for troubled teens. She has Dad convinced. You have to apologize to mom.

– (Alice) Apologize? Never. Ugh, I’d rather leave this place. The last thing I’ll do is apologize to her.

That night I packed my bags and ran off. In New York, I worked hard, really hard, and I was saving every penny I could. Often I missed dad and one time I even called him, but when I heard his voice, I choked up and hung up. I kept expecting he’d called me someday but his call never came. A year later, I was finally able to get into the university of my dreams. I was doing great but right when it was time to submit the fees for the second semester, I was short on cash. I couldn’t think of anyone but Dad to help me. I had to go back and meet with him. Yeah, we had our differences, but to me he was still the most important person on Earth no matter what. I tried calling him, but I couldn’t reach him. So I called Abby and told her I was coming back, and she told me that she’d pick me up. When I landed at the airport, Abby gave me the most unexpected news.

– (Abby) Alice, it’s nice to see you, but you can’t meet with Dad. His health was not good when you left. He recently had some heart issues and it wouldn’t be good for him if you appeared out of nowhere. Let me talk to him first and then you can meet him.

I was so worried for Dad, but was glad he had Abby cared dearly for him.

– (Alice) I could lay low for a couple of days, for dad. 

When we sat in the car I was surprised that Abby had brought Max, but my ex-bestie gave me the cold shoulder. They dropped me at a motel and left. It was really dirty and I just couldn’t sleep in that bed. At midnight, someone knocked on the door and though I was scared, when I opened it, I saw Max.

– (Alice) Oh, what are you doing here at this time of night?

– (Max) Duh, I couldn’t let you stay at this shady place.

– (Alice) I thought that you weren’t talking to me.

– (Max) Yeah, whatever. Get your things, I’ll be in the car

– (Alice) Max, wait, wait, I’m coming. Don’t leave me here alone. This place is scary.

Max took me to his house and I was finally able to have a good sleep. The next day I woke up to Max making breakfast for me.

– (Alice) So you’re still mad at me, but making me breakfast. Nice. I missed your cooking to be honest.

– (Max laughs) Oh Alice, you are so funny. That I have tears in my eyes when you use the word honesty. How could you leave without saying goodbye?

– (Alice) You can’t imagine what I was going through. I know I made bad decisions and I’m really sorry Max. Can you forgive me? Please?”

– (Max) Uh, I can’t promise, but I’ll think about it, if you help me do the dishes.

I knew Max couldn’t stay mad at me for long, and as we did the dishes, I splattered some water on him and we got into a water fight, and then we just hugged. We spent the entire day together. I even showed in the picture of a roller coaster ride I tried in New York and how it reminded me of him. Just then, Max got a call from Abby inviting him over for a party cuz she aced her exams. And just like that, I had an idea.

– (Alice) Please Max, I wanna go too. I promise, I’ll just get a glimpse of dad and come back here.

He reluctantly agreed. Max sneaked me inside the house right when Abby was cutting the cake with Dad. Just as he saw me, he dropped the knife and came running towards me.

– (Dad) Alice, it’s you. 

All of a sudden we both burst into tears.

– (Dad) Where were you kiddo? You got so angry with your dad that you just left me. You never think of me. Oh, thank God you’re back. Just forget about the money and everything.

– (Alice) Dad, um, what?

Before I could even finish, someone pulled me from Dad. It was Abby and she had a crazy look in her eyes.

– (Abby) Ah, this was my moment. He finally loved me. Only me. Why did you have to come back? Mom told me you…

– (Stepmom) Uh Abby. Just zip your mouth, come with me.

– (Abby) No, that’s it. Just let me say it, I did everything. You told me to steal Dad’s money and pin it on her, but nothing happened. Here she is once again stealing dad from me. Why? What in the world? Never in a million years could I imagine that my own sister would go so low. Dad and Max look pretty shocked.

– (Dad) Oh, is that where you got the money for your lip plastic surgery? By the way, it looks ugly.

– (Alice) I can understand why Mom did it, but Abby, you? Why? 

– (Abby) Because I deserve to be dad’s number one, not you. Why did you have to come back?

– (Alice) I came back cuz I love my dad.

Saying that I jumped at her and we both ended up falling in the pool. Dad got me out of the pool and then turned to his wife, and boy was he angry. In the end, he kicked her out but right when Abby was leaving, I grabbed her hand. I realized that she was not a bad person. She just wanted a dad. I was willing to give her a second chance, but definitely not a third.


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