Mom Disappeared And Left Me Alone With My 5 Sisters


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I was born five years after my parents got married and Mom thought I was God’s miracle and loved spoiling me. Dad always said I needed to grow up tough, but Mom couldn’t care less. On my fourth birthday, she took me to an amazing toy store and said I could get whatever I wanted. As I was going through my presents at home, Dad walked in and nearly had a stroke.

– (Dad) How many times do I have to tell you we don’t have this kind of money to waste?

– (Mom) It’s his special day, honey. Don’t ruin it. 

– (Dad) What is all this ridiculous stuff? Why did he need to buy a plastic flower?  

As Dad picked it up, water squirted out of it straight into his face.

– (Mom) He likes magic tricks and pranks. 

– (Dad) Oh, does he? I didn’t know we were raising a clown. I’m returning all of it.

I felt so mad. And then, suddenly, I felt my face do something funny. 

– (Dad) Are you making faces at me? 

I shook my head, but it happened again. My parents suddenly looked worried and took me to the doctor. After some tests, he explained that I had a facial twitch, which could be triggered by any strong emotion, but it was nothing to worry about. But apparently, Mom didn’t hear the doctor right, because she fussed over me even more. This didn’t even change after my sisters, Rose, Orchid, and Lily, were born. They were triplets, but had nothing in common except one thing, their unconditional love for me.

Once in 10th grade, my parents had to go somewhere for a few hours and told me to keep an eye on my sisters. I had an online video game match and I knew just what to do. 

– (Langdon) Listen up, girls. We’re gonna play a game of hide and seek. You hide and I’ll count till 50,000. Don’t come out till I say so.

The girls ran off to hide while I slipped inside my room for some video game time. I was so lost in it that I didn’t realize the time, till Dad barged into my room.   

– (Dad) Langdon.

– (Langdon) What? What happened?  

– (Dad) We just got robbed. 

– (Langdon) What? No way. I was right here, alert, on my toes.  


– (Dad) With your headphones on? I swear, Langdon, sometimes I wish I’d given birth to a bicycle instead. It would’ve been more useful than you. You didn’t lock the front door and the robbers just walked in and took half our things. Wait, where are the girls?   

We rushed inside the girls room to find them sleeping under the bed.  

– (Langdon) Phew. They’re safe. That’s because I told them to hide.

– (Dad) How could you be so stupid? We just lost stuff worth thousands of dollars.

– (Langdon) If you really think about it, Dad, it’s good because now we can buy new things. Our old stuff was rotten, especially our TV.

Dad looked ready to explode. Thankfully, Mom rescued me just in time. But after that day, he never trusted me with anything. It bothered me, but thank god Mom and the triplets worshiped me. 

Time passed and in 12th grade, I joined the school football team without Dad knowing, of course. He was already unhappy with my grades but football was my calling, and it was making me really popular too. I was standing by the lockers one day when the head cheerleader, Annie, walked right up to me.    

– (Annie) Hey, Langdon.  

– (Langdon) Annie, hi. How are you? (in Korean) 

– (Annie) What?           

– (Langdon) It’s Korean for “How are you?”

– (Annie) Oh, funny. (Laughs) I just came over to invite you to the Christmas party at my place tomorrow. I’d love it if the hottest new jock could come.

– (Langdon) Really? Me? Wow. Sounds mind-blowingly awesome. I mean, (clears throat) yeah, I’m cool. Count me in.

– (Annie) Awesome. Can’t wait to see your handsome face.  

I had a blast at the party and I couldn’t stop blushing when Annie introduced me as her new catch. Soon, we became an official couple and I was the happiest guy alive. 

A few days later, it was Dad’s 40th birthday and I wanted to do something nice for him. His car needed some repairs, so I took it to the mechanic to have it fixed and polished. But as I was driving back, I stopped by the bakery to pick up his cake and that’s when I heard a loud bang. I ran outside into my horror. I saw that Dad’s car had slid down the sloping street and crashed straight into a truck. Oh my god. When Dad found out, he exploded like a pressure cooker. 

– (Dad) You, you, Langdon. You make me wanna rip my hair out. My car is beyond repair. Do you think I just have money lying around to buy a new one? 

– (Langdon) Dad, I’m so sorry. I got it fixed for you. I guess I just forgot to put the brakes.

– (Dad) You just forgot? How easy is it for you to say this every time? I’ve tried to make you more responsible, but I’m just done with you. I’m sending you to an army boarding school.

– (Langdon) Dad, no, I can’t leave my football.

I clapped my hand over my mouth as I realized I’d let it slip out. But Dad didn’t even look shocked. Just really disappointed. 

– (Dad) You think I don’t know you sneak around and lie to me to play football?   

– (Langdon) If you trusted me, I wouldn’t have to. You should really come see me play some time. Dad, I’m really good.      

– (Dad) I don’t care, son. Your Mom and I are leaving for your aunt’s wedding tomorrow, but next week, when I’m back, I’ll ship you off. That’s final.  

Dad didn’t hear another word. And the next morning, my parents left.   

– (Lily) I’m sorry, bro. Dad forced us to tell the truth. 

– (Langdon) It’s okay, but now I need you guys to back me up. Dad needs to see I’m responsible. So, we have new roles starting today. Rose, you are in charge of the dishes. Lily, I want you to make breakfast. And Orchid, you’ll manage the laundry. 

– (Orchid) And you? 

– (Langdon) I’ll supervise. That’s the biggest responsibility. 

The next few days, everything went really smoothly. But then, one morning, my sisters woke me up, screaming. 

– (Langdon) What happened? 

– (Orchid) It’s Mom and Dad. They’re missing. 

My sisters showed me the news, which said the plane they were on had disappeared. Search teams were trying hard to locate it. This can’t be happening.  

– (Rose) Oh my god, what will we do now? I-I-I-I can’t breathe.

– (Sister) She’s having a panic attack. 

– (Langdon) She has panic attacks? Since when? 

We calmed her down and put her to bed, but I couldn’t stop thinking how I never knew of Rose’s panic attacks. I felt terrible. I stayed up all night reading the news about my parents, but it was the same. How was I supposed to make this work? What if they didn’t come back? I didn’t even hug them before they left. 

We stayed at home the next few days, waiting around for news of our parents, but none came. 

(To be continue…)


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