Mom Disappeared And Left Me Alone With My 5 Sisters (Part 2)


And when we returned to school, everyone was looking at us with pity. 

– (Orchid) Great, people are treating us like we’re orphans already. 

– (Lily) Don’t say that. 

Just then, Annie appeared out of nowhere. 

– (Annie) Ah, baby, your sisters look terrible. How are you holding up? 

– (Lily) Better than your fake eyelashes. 

– (Langdon) Lily, behave. We’re fine, babe. I tried calling you.  

– (Annie) Yeah. You know I always have such a busy calendar, babe, but you are right here all the time. I’ll see you around, poochie-poo.

– (Lily) Seriously, how do you tolerate her? She’s more fake than monopoly money.

– (Langdon) I love her, okay? So you better get used to having her around. 

– (Lily) No, I won’t.   

And after that day, Lily kept going from bad to worse. She would turn up late at home and get angry for the weirdest reasons. Whenever I asked her what was wrong, she said she was just fine. To make matters worse, we fell short of cash, so I had to work part-time as a mechanic. Things were tough, but thank god for Annie or I would’ve gone crazy. One morning in school, Annie and I were sitting in the cafeteria when Lily walked up to us.

– (Lily) We need to talk, Langdon.   

– (Annie) Can’t you see we’re in the middle of a conversation? 

– (Lily) Take your middle somewhere else. I need to talk to my brother.  

– (Langdon) Lily, we can talk at home. Don’t create a scene here, please. Everyone is staring. 

– (Lily) Oh, so you’re worried I’ll spoil your precious reputation now? Don’t you care about your family at all? 

– (Annie) Oh my god, you’re so loud. Babe, tell her to leave. 

Suddenly, Lily went crazy and emptied a can of yogurt on Annie’s head. 

– (Lily) There, enjoy your lunch.  

– (Langdon) What the heck, Lily. Annie, I’m so sorry. 

Annie stormed off and I felt furious at Lily. 

The next evening when I returned from work, I went to her room to talk to Lily, but she wasn’t there. She wasn’t even answering her phone and it was almost midnight. I informed the police, but they told me to wait for 24 hours. I was worried sick, so I rushed to Annie. Her Dad worked with the government, so I was hoping she could help, but to my surprise, she was having a party and I wasn’t invited? As I looked around for her, I saw her in the corner with some random Jock. 

– (Langdon) What the heck? You were cheating on me?  

– (Annie) Really, Langdon? You really thought after what your sister did, I’d still date you? Take a hint and get lost.  

I felt stunned and angry, and my face started twitching. Annie just rolled her eyes.

– (Annie) Ugh, your face is doing its weird thing again. And you looks super stupid. 


And then, she just started making out with him. I tried pulling her arm, but the guy with her pushed me away. I grabbed a glass near me to dump juice on him, but she pushed me and the juice ended up all over her hair as she screamed. Lily was right. She was super fake. There was no way Annie was helping me now, so I left, only to find Lily in the parking lot. 

– (Langdon) Do you know what time it is? I’ve been searching for you everywhere.

– (Lily) Now you found me, so I leave. I have a party to attend.

– (Langdon) You hate Annie. Why are you at her party? You’re coming home with me. 

– (Lily) Don’t tell me what to do. You’ve always done whatever you want. But now that I have my freedom, you can’t stand it? You’re not my Dad.

– (Langdon) What’s wrong with you? Have you forgotten I’m your older brother?  

– (Lily) Older brothers are responsible, so don’t call yourself that. Now, move.  

Her words felt like a slap in my face. I might be a brat, but I loved my sisters, and this made me feel defeated. I’d let my parents down. For the next few days, I was drowned in work. With my job and the school announcing the annual sports scholarship, I had no time to sit in sulk if I wanted to set a good example for my sisters. As for Lily, I asked Orchid to download Locatify on her phone without letting her know, so I could keep an eye on her. One night, I was at the garage when I got a frantic call from Orchid.  

– (Orchid) Hurry, it’s Rose. She had another panic attack and she fainted.

We quickly took Rose to the hospital, but we couldn’t get hold of Lily. I opened Locatify to track her, and it showed she was at school. What was this girl doing there at night? 

Doctors told us Rose was stable, but he wanted to keep her under observation for a few hours.

– (Orchid) You go after Lily. I got this. Just be careful and don’t beat yourself up. You’re doing everything you can. 

– (Langdon) Thanks, Orchid. 

I quickly entered the school building and it was pitch dark. Suddenly, I saw lights flicker from the school’s main office and Lily was leaving with a fat envelope. 

– (Langdon) Lily? 

– (Lily) Langdon? You scared me. Why are you here? 

– (Langdon) Wrong question. What are you doing here? And what’s that? 

– (Lily) I was… Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Annie made me do it. She said, if I stole this money for her, she’d get her Dad to find information about Mom and Dad. I just felt so desperate, so I agreed. 

– (Langdon) You think I didn’t try that? I already asked her a thousand times and she always said her Dad’s trying. But now, I’m certain she never asked him.

– (Lily) Oh god, I’m so stupid. That witch took advantage of me, probably just to punish me for being rude to her.  

– (Langdon) You should have just told me, Lily.

– (Lily) She warned me not to or our deal was off. Also, I was so mad at you. I don’t even know why. I’m such a mess.  

– (Langdon) Hmm. No, You’re not. You’re just a kid, Lily. And everything going on with Mom and Dad is a lot to handle. Now, we’re gonna put that money back and leave before we get caught. Or wait, I have a better idea. 

Annie had cheated on me and manipulated my sister. I wasn’t gonna let her go this easy. We tipped our way to her locker and slid the money in. Next, we dropped an anonymous tip to the Principal, saying that Annie stole money from the school’s trip fund. The plan was a success as the next morning, the entire school saw what a whack job Annie was when the Principal opened her locker. 

– (Annie) What? I didn’t steal this. Lily did. Ask her. 

– (Principal) We found the money in your locker, Annie. There’s enough proof to get you expelled. Call you Dad, now. 

– (Annie) No, please. He’ll ground me for life. Please, I’ll do anything. I’ll clean the washrooms for a month. Just don’t call my Dad. He’s already cut my allowance.  

But of course, the Principal did call him and she was expelled.

At home.

– (Langdon) Good riddance. Girls, I know I’ve been an idiot in the past, but I promise I’ll do better. You’re the best sisters anyone could ask for.  

– (Lily) What’s that? 

– (Langdon) What?   

– (Orchid) You’re getting emotional. Aww. Such a cutie.  

– (Rose) You’re not so bad either. 

My finals came around the next week and I actually managed to pass with decent grades, and I bagged a sports scholarship to college based on my football skills.

One morning, when we were leaving for school, I saw a police van pull into our driveway and my parents stepped out.  

– (Langdon) Mom, Dad? Oh my god, you’re back.

– (Mom) Oh my babies. I thought I’d never see you again. 

– (Langdon) What happened? Where were you? How are you?

Mom and Dad told us how their plane had to make an emergency landing in a forest with no connectivity, and it was only after weeks that the rescue team found them. 

– (Dad) Those were the worst weeks of our lives, not knowing if we’ll ever see you again. But Langdon, I’m so proud of you, son. You did a fine job. And nothing’s stolen, it seems. Hmm. 

– (Langdon) I-I’m so sorry, Dad. I never knew your struggles until I was knee-deep in mine. I’ll be better. And I love you.  

– (Dad) I love you too, son. And I think I’d like to see you play football sometime.   

– (Langdon) Really? So, that means no boarding school? Don’t answer that. I’m just happy you’re here.  

Family really is everything.


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