Leave Me Bee!


A sweaty hand clutches the edge of a messy bed in fury. Her eyes stare at the chipped, grubby wall, the same wall that once had a shelf with books and succulents. That shelf was destroyed after a pair of muddy shoes was thrown at it shattering the highlight of her room. This was the reason Catarina, the owner of those hands and eyes, was grounded and wasn’t going to Layla’s party tonight.
A cold breeze hits her back like someone just poured ice down her shirt. Then she realises something. If there was cold air blowing on her back, then the window was open. She smiled mischievously as a plan came to mind. She spins, and forces the window open. She lunged her arm out and touched the soft flowing grass. She shut the window leaving just a sliver open and leaps off the bed to shut the door. She ran to the closet and picked out the fanciest dress. She threw it on and pulled her hair into a messy bun. She pulled out her makeup kit and as she was opening it when suddenly she hears footsteps.
She knew if her Mum saw her like this she would be dead by tomorrow. In a panic she slams closed her makeup and scans the floor until she notices her robe lying there. She grabs it, wraps it around her and puts her hood on. Her mother walks into the room. Catarina could feel the anger bubbling up inside of her and flowing out her mouth. Her mother stood there staring at her, fury in her eyes. “This is so unfair!” Catarina shouted tears flowing down her face. Her mother left the room in disbelief. Catarina ran to the door and slammed it. “Don’t come back here again!” She screamed. Her angry, scrunched up face fell into a mischievous grin.
Catarina threw off her robe and continued with her makeup. She jumps to her feet and locks her door. She opened the window and slid out. She begins to walk over to Layla’s house, when a sharp venomous pin stabs into her skin. She looks down to see a bee on her hand. This may just seem like an annoying thing to an ordinary person but to her it’s life threatening. Catarina is very allergic to bee stings. Her breathing picks up and she can feel her skin getting prickly, itchy and puffy. Her throat closes up and she feels her face fall onto the ground of the driveway. Someone comes running over. It was like there was an ocean inside her head stopping her from being able to hear. Her eyes close.
Trying to sneak out almost cost her her life. If her Mum didn’t notice her she could have died. Her Mum could be annoying but Catarina needs her. She did recover, but she always remembers her mother is on her side and that she should “bee” careful.


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