I Took Over a Scam Call Center!


Tell me if this sounds familiar. 

You’re surfing the internet. And all of a sudden you see a pop-up like this from Microsoft. So you do what it says. And you call up a number and then you’re connected to this guy.

“Thank you for calling for support. How may I help you?”

Now these cameras aren’t going to help you with your computer, they’re going to scam you out of everything that they can. But what would happen if I managed to take over their system for a week without them even knowing about it? What if I had access to their software and can receive calls just like them, but instead of scamming the people calling in, I would save them. It’s a scam you need to hang up on them and just ignore them. Okay, that probably hurt their business and get them pretty riled up. 

“You are an idiot, you know” 

I recently was able to download a folder from one of their computers containing all the files, including their calling software and things to my friends, cyber ninja. I’ve got it installed on my computer.

“We’re able to see the incoming calls and see what they see and answer a call they would without them knowing that we’re really there.”

Now, during COVID, a lot of the scammers would work from home and login remotely with their laptops to take calls from victims. But now they’re mostly back to work in the office and I can track their IP address to an area in Delhi, India, where there’s a co-working space that I think would be perfect for running a call center. And I have the logins and passwords for all 30 Agent IDs. But before I log in, I want to give you a rundown on how this scam works because I also managed to find the script that these agents rely on. 

First, the victim calls in and tells the agent that he’s got an error on his screen. These scammers create pop-ups using ads or they create fake websites that you’ll stumble across if you type in the wrong domain. The scammer asks you all the typical questions and then they eventually tell you that you’ve been hacked.

“It is a clear case of hacking which has taken place in your device in the last 48 hours.”

And then he tells you to download Ultra Viewer so he can get into your computer.

“Hit on that green download and you can see a file downloading with the name of Ultra Viewer.”

When he’s connected to your machine, he tells you to open up the command window and he pastes a message about how your computer was used to access illegal child porn, which both the scammer and the victim know isn’t true. But to clear this up, they’ll call your bank for you. By the way, it’s not really your bank that he’s calling. It’s the guy sitting next to him that he’s going to connect you to. And you’re going to have to make a duplicate charge with Bitcoin or gift cards in order to hide the illegal transaction. Now let me show you what the scammer sees on his end. 


When the call comes in, it goes to the first agent that’s available and yes, that’s my screen. Because today is take your scam baiter to work day. I am logged in as Agent number four and I can answer these calls and tell the victims to just hang up, which would cause the scammers a bunch of sales. Which is exactly what ninja did right off the bat. 



“Hey, uh, may I ask..”

“Who’s calling?”

“Um, call the Windows Defender Security Center.”

“Ah okay. I just want you to know that this is actually, um, you called into a scammer center. Do not call them, they will try to steal money from you.” 

“Okay. I thought something was fishy.” 

But then it hit me that these calls are being recorded and the boss monitors these calls that are coming in. So we might have just blown our cover answering the phone. So not knowing how much time we have, we rushed to start saving people more quietly. So when a call came in, we’d hurry and write down the number and then we call the victim back while they were on the line with the scammer. And sometimes people would answer.

“Hi, this is Ben. Are you still on the phone with those uh, support people?” 

“I was. They’re telling me some crazy stuff.” 

“Yeah, it’s a scam. You need to hang up on them and just ignore them. Okay.” 

And sometimes people wouldn’t call, so I bought their phone with texts until they did. 

“I apologize for blowing up your phone. I just, I wanted to make sure that you didn’t send it.” “I’m glad I answered. I was worried.” 

A lot of people were minutes away from falling for it. 

“Yeah. If you’ve given them access to your computer.”


“Okay. You should just turn off your computer right away because that’s the, that’s the only way to kill the connection to them.” 

And a lot of people are grateful. 

“Thank you so much. And, you know, whoever you are” 

And a lot of people were suspicious. 

“How’d you know it happened? Okay, so who are you?” 

And we did this for days. 

“It just said that you’ve been? There’s been illegal actions on your computer. What’s going on?”

“I would shut it down, shut everything down.” 


“He said his name was, his name was Johnny?”


“I don’t think he was from Indiana.” 

“No, he’s from India”

“Yeah, pretty much. We were close. Alright.”

But sometimes we were too late. 

“What was that? Like, when you, when you heard her, her reaction?” 

“Yeah, it was. It was kind of heartbreaking to me to feel, feel the sadness in her voice after she had stated to me that she lost money. She lost a few $1,000. These scammers she was, she was in a panic, she couldn’t concentrate, to focus on talking to me. And every time I think about it, it makes me want to save more and more people.” 

Yeah, that was kind of a sad reminder of how devastating this scam can be. And we knew we weren’t going to save everyone. So it was time for Plan B, but this is probably a good time to talk about additional ways to protect yourself from scams. Did you know that every 14 seconds, there’s a victim of identity theft. That means in the time it will take you to watch this video, there will be four new victims. And that’s why I’m excited to partner with today’s sponsor, Aura. Aura is identity theft protection, fraud monitoring, anti virus software, a password manager, and even a VPN all in a single app. It is constantly scouring the dark web for your passwords, addresses, bank accounts and social security number and it’ll alert you about leaks or unusual transactions four times faster than Aura’s competitors. I bet you’ll be surprised what kind of information of yours has already been leaked, or recently found my information like 10 times leaked on the dark web. So if you want to see for yourself, give Aura a try for free for the next 14 days when you go to my link, aura.com/pleasantgreen. You can protect up to five people on one account and make sure your whole family is protected. Don’t put them at risk. Get the tools that you need today to stay safe. 

Well, we decided it was time to go on offense and see if we could scare these scammers into shutting down, at least for a day or two. So we recruited Dale, one of our favorite scam baiters, to call them up. And he pretends to be a young Indian kid who knows what these guys are doing. 

“Yeah, hey, trevor, it’s me. I come in for the interview right. A while back I come in. But I did not get a call back about working in call center right? I don’t know if it was, I have ketchup on my shirt or I have bad bread.”

He tells that he wants a job as an Indian scammer and it totally catches them off guard.

“Sir, we do not scam. Of course I know that these things are running in the market. We help the customers remove the viruses and the you know so-called errors that they face on their computer.”

“Right, yeah, that’s what I would say too. Right, I would tell them no, it’s not a scam. You know, we are fixing your computer. We will run a test to make sure we’ll show you the hackers on your computer, this, that, whatever.”

He even drops hints that he knows what building to come into for an interview.

“Look, look, I want to make sure, uh, like you’re still located at 100 feet road right?” 

“No, I’m located with your mother ****.”

And they don’t like that. 

“I’m into it, bro! I can even scam you, you know? Press the window key and the letter “R” at the same time.”

“Right? What do you see?” 

He even lets them on his computer where he’s got the building’s website pulled up. 

“You’re in this one, this location, a shared workspace area.”

“Why there are no people, why there are no people over there. Why there are no people.” 

(To be continue…)


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