I Took Over a Scam Call Center! (Part 2)


“Because this is the website you idiot.”

Now here’s what’s crazy. I get a message from Pierogi over a Scammer Payback, asking me if I’m trolling a call center because he’s listening in and hearing Dale.

“Give me the job.” 

“You won’t get a job” 


“You’re not good enough.” 

“Why? Wait? What?”

Apparently he’s hacked the same call center and is looking at this scammer screen. You can even see the notes on Dale’s bad breath that they’re leaving on the screen. Okay, how in the world do we cross streams the same day? Anyway you can go watch a whole video about Pierogi attacking this call center as well as Dale’s because they’re both fantastic. But these guys aren’t afraid because who’s going to stop them? The police? The building owners? No, they’re all getting paid off. So I guess the only option that I have is to get back into their system and create mass hysteria.

So the next day, I log into one of the agent IDs and I start dialing the first extension. 


“Hello. This is Ben from Microsoft. How are you today?”

“I’m doing great.”

“Good. Hey, can I talk to your manager please?” 

“Uh, may I know the reason? Like, why you want to talk to my manager?”

“Well, I want to. I just want to call you because your nullmart.nm communications in server is not secure. So that’s the reason that you’re not getting as many calls today as you usually do. You got hackers in your system.”

“Uh, I will take care of myself, ok? You don’t need to worry about it.”

“No, no, no, I’m telling you that you’ve got a hacker in your system and it’s me.” 

“Oh really?”

“I’m in your system right now. That’s the reason you’re not getting many calls this morning.” “Oh, is that so?” 

“I’m saving them and I’m warning them about you.” 

And he hangs up on me. So I just start making my way through all 30 Agent IDs.” 


“Hi, this is Ben, what’s your name?” 

“Why do you want to know that?” 


“Well, because I’m from Microsoft. I’m calling to let you know that your, uh, your, your server has been hacked because hackers in your system.”


“Yeah. Are you on ID number 161016.”

“No, sorry, that’s the wrong number.”

“No, no, your ID is 1016. I’m calling from ID 1013.” 

“I’m not able to understand you. What do you mean by that?” 

“You’ve got a hacker in your system. And I’m calling to warn you about the hacker that’s in your system right now.” 

Imagine getting a call from an internal extension with an American on the line, telling you that he’s hacked into your system.

“Oh yeah. Hi, this is Kevin Rogers.”

“Hey, can I talk to your manager, please?” 


“Okay, well.” *hangs up* 

“Hello. I have a question for you.” 

“Yeah, tell me.” 

“Does it make you feel tall when you stand on the necks of poor little old ladies that you’re robbed from?” 

“Hi, Seamus, this is Ben. And I’m from Microsoft x the real Microsoft.”

“F*ck you.” 

All the while I’m rejecting the incoming calls from victims so they can’t connect with the scammers. 

“How can I help him?”

“Uh hello, this is James and I have an error on my, my computer screen.”

“And what is the error?”

“Uh, just kidding. It’s been over on the hacker that’s in your system. What are we going to do about this?”

“You’re f*cking idiot, you know?” 

“Yeah, who’s this?” 

“This is, this is Ben from Microsoft.” 

“What Ben?”

“Ben from Microsoft.”

“Give me your full name! What Ben? Ben what?” 

“Ben Dover”

“Ben Dover? What kind of f*cking Dover you are? Why are you driving now? Pull over your car! Where the f*ck you driving now?”

“I’m from Microsoft. I’m not driving. I’m at Microsoft.” 

“You gonna set my **** right now.” 

“Why would I do that? I’m calling to warn you. You’ve got a hacker in your computer and I’m warning you.”

“Hey, you listen to me, okay? I’m the f*cking hacker here, ok? There is no more hacker than me!”

“What does that say about you when I’m in your system? What does that say about you? And I’ve hacked into your system.” 

“You? You’re in our system?” 

“Yeah, you’re an ID 1013?” 

“Catch me if you can you mother******!”

“I just caught you.” 

Well, eventually they stopped answering any internal calls. And I know that we freaked them out because they completely disconnected their server. And all the numbers to call in are now down, making all those pop ups. Absolutely worthless. And I thought well, that’s a win because if we can’t shut down a call center for good, we can at least slow them down for a day or two. And they’ll be back. They’re like dirty toenails. They’ll always come back, but I’ll be ready for them. And hopefully so well, most of you because now you know how these scams work, and it’s up to you to warn everyone that you know, especially your grandparents, these are the vulnerable ones that we need to protect.

“Elderly people, just like me, all we live off is Social Security. That’s all we have. We have fixed income. And how someone can be so brazen to try and take that from elderly people, you live month to month. I don’t know what society is coming to. It’s quite shocking. I mean, I fought for this country years ago and I just can’t believe the attitude of people nowadays.”

I keep getting asked: What’s it going to take to stop these scammers for good? And I just keep saying it’s awareness. The more we talk about this, the more videos that we make. The more we warn the people around us, the less chances they have of falling for it. So do the right thing and share this video and subscribe and talk to the people closest to you about this. Most importantly, don’t get scammed yourself. Thanks so much for watching guys. I’ll see you in my next video.


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