I Look Too Different From My Family


Hello, friends.I’m Arya from Chicago. Before I tell you my incredible story, please like and subscribe. 

I know everyone thinks their dads are strong, but I knew for a fact that mine was the strongest. He was an army major, and I was super proud of him. But because of his job, he was gone for months. Mom left us when I was baby, so grandma took care of me in dad’s absence. But when I was in seventh grade, he gave me the best news ever! He was getting remarried and I was getting a new mom and a sister! Dad got me the most gorgeous pink dress for his wedding, and everyone couldn’t stop gushing about how pretty I looked, until my stepsister, Jenny, crashed into me and spilled her orange juice all over my hair and clothes.

– (Jenny) I-I’m so sorry. There was a bee chasing me. 

– (Arya) It’s okay. The wedding’s over away. 

My stepmom doted on me, and Jenny, well, she was also pretty awesome, but someone she went overboard with her kindness. 

– (Jenny) Arya, I made these napkins for you with my own hands.

That would’ve been cute if Jenny hadn’t made that out of the dress I wore on our parents’s wedding day. Once, Jenny and I were playing in a nearby park, and after a few hours, we felt hungry. So Jenny went home to fetch something to eat. Suddenly, I heard her screaming, so I ran to her and found one of our neighbors holding her by her collar. 

– (Arya) What are you doing, Mrs.Sparkly?

– (Mrs.Sparkly) I caught this little thief trying to break into your home. She was crawling through the kitchen window. 

– (Jenny) That’s because I forgot the key and no one’s home. 

– (Arya) Yeah, she’s not a thief. She’s my sister.

– (Mrs.Sparkly) Your sister? Uh, I’m sorry, honey. You’re so pretty. You both don’t look related at all.  

It was true that Jenny and I looked different, but the way Mrs.Sparkly said that made me feel bad, and Jenny looked ready to explode. 

– (Jenny) And you look like you’re related to a family of pigs! Here! Eat some dirt!  

Jenny grabbed a fistful of mud, threw it on Mrs.Sparkly’s face and ran away. Dad had to face the anger of a furious Mrs.Sparkly for an hour that evening.


Soon, Jenny joined my school. And I was glad to introduce her to my friends, but I noticed that she tried to copy me in everything. We ended up buying the same clothes, she joined the school’s drama club like me, and she even brought pasta to school everyday like me even though she hated it. Then one day, I got to know she wanted to play the role I was auditioning for in the school play. So I simply stepped back to give her the chance, and she did manage to land the role. When we got home, she happily broke the news to Mom and Dad, but just then Dad got a call, and when we hung up, he cried with joy.  

– (Dad) It was your drama teacher. Some casting director watched your recent play and he wants to cast you in an upcoming teen movie.

I was ecstatic! Dad said he’d take us all to dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate. But that night, Jenny got a bad headache and Mom had to stay back to take care of her. After that day, I started getting popular in school. Everyone suddenly wanted to hang out with me, but I felt Jenny’s slowly growing distant. She no longer wanted to play with me at home. And at school, she’d often say awful things to embarrass me.  

– (Jenny) Did you guys know that Arya ate her boogers when she was little? Ew! And she loves smelling her socks after a sweaty gym session.

When I told Mom about it, Jenny started crying like a baby and said she was just having some harmless fun. 

Six months passed, and one day, Dad got a call that he and his team had to leave for Afghanistan immediately. A couple of days after Dad left, we got the most terrible news. Dad and a few of his teammates had gone missing. I was devastated. But Mom and Jenny acted like everything was normal. It was Jenny’s birthday in a week, and both of them were busy planning for the party.

– (Jenny) Arya, should I get a barbie cake or a unicorn cake? 

– (Arya) How can you even think about celebrating when there’s still no news about Dad?

– (Jenny) It’s my 13th birthday. I can’t let anyone ruin it. Besides, who knows if he’ll ever be found. 

That made me so angry, I gave Jenny a tight slap. She pounced on me and we fought like wildcats until Mom pulled us apart. When she heard what happened, she grounded me for a week. But when the party was in full swing, I may have sneaked into the kitchen and sprinkled some extra pepper on the food and poured a bottle of vinegar into the lemonade.

happy family at sunset. father, mother and two children daughters having fun and playing in nature. the child sits on the shoulders of his father.

– (Jenny) Mom, I feel like I ate the sun! Give me some lemonade, quick! What did you mix in it? It tastes like pee! Ugh!

The party was ruined. And obviously, it didn’t take long for Mom and Jenny to figure out who was responsible for it.  

– (Mom) Your daddy spoiled you way too much, Arya. But now, it’s time to knock some sense into that pretty little head of yours.

Mom placed a mop bucket in front of me and asked me to clean the kitchen. Just then, I saw Jenny walk out of my room with all my favorite dresses.  

– (Jenny) Since you didn’t get me a birthday cake, I’m taking these. Oh, and I also like the headband you’re wearing.    

Jenny snatched it from my head and put it on hers, and Mom didn’t say a word.  

Two years passed and there was still no news of Dad or his teammates, but I never lost hope. Several acting offers poured in after my movie stint, but I refused them all since I was more interested in studying and topping my grades. Besides, I knew if I got more popular, Jenny would resent it and find a way to make my life miserable.

When I reached the 10th grade, a new girl named Cheryl joined our class mid-session. Our teacher made her seat with me so that I could help her catch up on the work she’d missed. But soon I noticed something really weird about her. She didn’t smile or laugh at all. 

– (Arya) Do you know what happens when an elephant feels dizzy? It ele-faints! 

              What’s a cow’s favorite holiday? Moo year’s eve! 

But Cheryl didn’t laugh. 


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