I Hid From Everyone After MY 16th Birthday


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Everyone who knew me thought I was the luckiest girl ever. I was born to millionaire parents. I had tons of friends. And with my long lovely hair, I look like a princess out of a freaking Disney movie. But I was also living with a dark secret. I had a condition called Werner’s syndrome. That meant I would start aging really fast when I got to high school. I’d be a teenager with gray hair and wrinkles. The doctors predicted it would happen around the time I turn 16. Each birthday was just another reminder of the ticking clock. 

– (Mom) Come on, Annalise, have a slice of cake or at least put on the costume I bought you. It’s Halloween too, remember?

Is it an old witch costume with a white-haired wig and an old lady mask? No, thank you.

One day, when I was fourteen, I was getting ready for school with my live-in servant and BFF, Marie came running into the room.

– (Marie) Oh my God, did you hear the news? Raven, the famous model, is gonna be a new student at our school. Weeee! And I hear he just broke up with his girlfriend, so he’s single. (Squeals)

– (Annalise) Eeh, you know models aren’t my type. I’m more into nerdy, bookish guys.

– (Marie) Whatever, he’s mine then. But maybe you should take these next couple of years to date a jock or model. I mean, your boyfriend’s choices will be kind of limited afterwards. Most guys don’t want to date girls who look like a 80-year-old.

– (Annalise) Ugh, let’s not talk about that right now. I still have some time and I plan on living my life to the fullest until then.

I lent Marie some of my nicest clothes before we went off to school. She made me promise never to tell anyone she was a servant and in return, she promised not to tell anyone about my condition. A little pact worked perfectly for me. Later that day, I was studying in the library when suddenly, I felt someone watching me. I turned to see some guy dressed in fancy clothes and earrings snapping pictures of me.


– (Boy) Don’t mind me. I’m designing some jewelry and I’m just photographing your bracelet.

– (Annalise) Dude, you can’t just go around photographing people without their consent.

– (Boy) Excuse me, do you know who I am? I’m a popular model. Well, I quit modeling a year ago, but now I own a successful jewelry business. I can do what I want.

Holy crud. It was Raven. The guy Marie had been talking about. 

– (Annalise) I don’t care who you are. The rules of basic respect still apply to you. 

With that, I pushed Raven’s phone away from me and it ended up shattering on the floor. 

– (Raven) Are you kidding me? I had all of my photos in there. Why would you do that? 

We both got kicked out of the library after that. Raven gave me dirty looks whenever I walked by him.

– (Marie) So what? A hot guy was taking your picture. I’d kill for that kind of attention.

– (Annalise) No, you wouldn’t. That guy was nothing but a creepy jerk and I don’t feel bad at all for breaking his phone.

Later that week, I was in Ceramics class feeling totally relaxed when Raven snuck up behind me and told me I was doing everything wrong.

– (Annalise) Hey, you are not the teacher.

– (Raven) Well, I’ve been doing this for years, so you could learn something from me. First things first, you’re supposed to cut your hands like this.

Raven’s hands started guiding mine, and for some reason I felt my heart race. Then suddenly, some girl burst into the classroom glaring at Raven.

– (Girl) I’ve been trying to track you down for days. Breaking up with me was a huge mistake. You are going to regret it. 

To my horror, the girl ran over to Raven and jumped on him. 

– (Raven) Get off of me right now, or I’m going to call the cops.

But the girl had Raven’s wrist pinned to the floor. So I stepped in and lifted her off him with all my strength. Luckily, our teacher called security before Raven’s ex could attack me.

– (Raven) Wow, you saved me from getting murdered by my psycho ex. I owe you one. 

– (Annalise) Not really. I already smashed your phone and didn’t pay for it. I’m sorry about that.

– (Raven) Nah, I should have asked your permission before photographing your bracelet. We got off on the wrong foot. How about we start over?

– (Annalise) I could go for that and I guess I could use your help with the bowl I’m making. 

Raven laughed and I felt my heart race again. What was that about? I decided not to dwell on it and from that day, we became good friends. I learned Raven had to quit modeling to focus on his studies and his jewelry-making business. Modeling was just something his parents made him do. He was the most creative person I’ve ever met and over time, I developed feelings for him, but I never said anything. I knew he didn’t feel the same way about me. One evening I came home late after exercising and when I walked into the living room, I almost fell over in shock. Raven and Marie were kissing on the couch. 

– (Annalise) Um, what’s going on?

– (Marie) Can you believe it? Raven and I are dating now. I’ve had a crush on him for ages and I finally got the courage to ask him out. And he said yes!

– (Annalise) I guess it’s just confusing because you guys haven’t really talked much or hung out before.

– (Raven) Well, it all kind of happened really fast. Maybe it was fate or something. Don’t worry, Annalise. Just because Marie is my girlfriend now doesn’t mean we can’t hang out.

– (Marie) Don’t worry about her, babe. She’s obviously happy for us. 

Marie started kissing Raven again. I just wanted to tell her to get away from him, the guy that I loved, but I didn’t want Raven finding out how I felt about him. I cried myself to sleep for weeks and tried to hide how heartbroken I was from Raven and Marie. Then one morning I was in the courtyard when I saw a mob of girls squealing by the parking lot. I walked over to see what was going on and that’s when Raven came running up to me.

– (Raven) Please kill me right now. My idiot brother Grant is on vacation from modeling school and is coming to visit. I can’t believe my parents favor that idiot over me now, all because I quit modeling. 

Raven looked really upset and I was about to comfort him. When suddenly, his brother came right up to me and wow, he was gorgeous.  

(To be continue…)


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