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I’d lived in an orphanage ever since I could remember, but I was always curious about my parents, and I’d annoy the warden with my questions. 

– (Belle) Are you an evil witch who took me from my parents because my hair has magic powers? Tell me now, or else! I heard about a girl whose parents were astronauts and they got stuck on the moon. Do you think my parents are there too? 

– (The warden) Are you skipping class again? Why are you such a nuisance?

– (Teacher) There you are, Belle. So sorry, Ma’am. I’ll just take her away. 

Miss Vivian was our teacher and my best friend at the orphanage. She couldn’t have children of her own and she was really attached to me, and I adored her. She could always get me to study by promising me to help me with my singing later.

– (Belle) I don’t really need school because I’m gonna be a famous singer one day.  

– (Miss Vivian) Yeah, but there’s no harm in having some options, right? 

My life at the orphanage was good but when I turned 15, things took a wild turn. Miss Vivian told me about a talent show she’d applied to on my behalf and I;d gotten an audition next week. But when my chance came, my nerves took over and I messed it up completely. Miss Vivian tried consoling me but I was just really disappointed with myself. As we were walking back home, I suddenly saw a masked guy running my way, with a lady yelling behind him. 

– (Woman) He took my bag! Please, stop him! 

Without another thought, I grabbed a trash can and threw it in the thief’s way, making him trip over it. I snatched the bag from him before he managed to run away. As the woman came closer, my jaw dropped. She was a singer named Madeline and I was a huge fan. 

– (Belle) OMG! Madeline, is it really you? I just love…

– (Madeline) No, don’t touch me! You touched trash just now. 

Then she took her bag from me and walked off to her car without even saying thank you. 

– (Belle) Hey, you’re so rude! Just because you’re a celebrity, you think you can treat people like garbage? 

Some of the people watching us had started recording on their phones and booing Madeline.

– (Madeline) No, wait. I wasn’t going to drive away. Sweetie, I’m sorry. I was just shaken because of that thief. Please, come in. I’ll drop you wherever you want. 

I knew she was just being nice because of the angry mob, but she kept insisting. So I agreed and she took us back to the orphanage. But the next morning when I went downstairs, I was surprised to see some kids gathered around Madeline and she said she needed to talk to me privately. 


– (Madeline) Hey, Belle, I have something to tell you. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just can’t shake off my gut feeling. You see, 15 years ago I had a daughter but my career was just kicking off, so after birth, I left her at the hospital. 

– (Belle) Uh, what? 

– (Madeline) I regretted the decision and tried looking for my baby, but I couldn’t find her. And when I saw you yesterday, I noticed your green eyes and we have the same hair color. I think you are my daughter. I know it sounds crazy, but would you agree to a DNA test? 

I was stunned and I didn’t believe it. But I gave Madeline a hair sample. But the next day, she returned with the DNA forms that confirmed we were 100% match. Madeline, the famous singer, was my mom, and she wanted to re-adopt me. My head was just spinning, and Miss Vivian made things worse. 

– (Miss Vivian) Belle, are you seriously thinking about going with that woman? She was so rude to you the day before, and now, suddenly, she’s your loving Mom? Something about her is off, I can feel it. 

– (Belle) Come on. She was stressed that day. And the DNA test shows she’s my Mom. I’ve always wondered who my parents are. And now I get the chance to know one of them, to have a family. I’m just supposed to let that go? 

– (Miss Vivian) I thought I was your family. And I can’t let you go with her. I won’t. 

– (Belle) You can’t stop me, Miss Vivian. This is hard for me too, but you’re just being paranoid. 

Miss Vivian’s eyes teared up and she just walked off. Well, if she couldn’t be happy for me, then fine! And I left with Madeline soon after. 

– (Madeline) I couldn’t help overhearing that woman, and she was being so weird and possessive about you. It’s not normal. 

– (Belle) It’s also not normal for a Mom to abandon her child for her career. I may have agreed to come with you but I haven’t forgiven you yet. And Miss Vivian loves me. 

– (Madeline) Sweetie, I understand your anger, and I have a lot of making up to do. You wanna be a singer, right? I will start by making that happen. Also, if Miss Vivian loves you, she should be happy you’re getting a better life. 

I felt troubled, but then forgot everything when we reached Madeline’s mansion. It was bigger than a mall! 

– (Madeline) My assistant, Juliet, will show you to your room and then I have an amazing spa day planned for us.    

Juliet wouldn’t make eye contact with me, and after taking me to my room, she walked off without a word. Rude! But I couldn’t help being excited that I was gonna live like royalty. I was hoping to get to know Madeline more but the spa day was more of a makeover day, and the next thing I knew, I was being whisked off to a TV interview. 

– (Belle) Madeline, I’m not ready for this. I’ve never been on camera and I need time to process everything.  

– (Madeline) What’s there to process, love? You’re the daughter of a star and you need to believe it. And I just can’t wait for the world to see my angel. Also, could you please call me Mom? 

The next few weeks were a blur of interviews and events, and we were constantly surrounded by paparazzi. Madeline would always get so emotional and people just loved the story of how we’d been reunited after all these years. But I still didn’t know much about my Mom. We hardly got the chance to be alone and she hadn’t even heard me sing yet. Late one night, I went down to the kitchen when I heard loud voices from Madeline’s studio in the basement.

– (Madeline) Juliet, you don’t sound good on this song at all. 

– (Juliet) Well, I’m sorry, but I had a cold that day.  

– (Madeline) We’re just gonna have to record it again.

And when I heard Juliet singing, I nearly had a stroke. That was Madeline’s voice. Just then Madeline spotted me, and she asked me to come in.     

– (Madeline) I guess there’s no point in trying to hide anything now. Belle, you’ve discovered the family secret. 

– (Belle) Wait, Juliet’s been the voice behind all your songs? 

– (Madeline) Yes. She wanted a steady job and I wanted to be famous but wasn’t as talented, so we struck a deal at the start of my career. It worked out splendidly. 

– (Belle) So you’ve been taking the credit for her talent and fooling all your fans? That’s just wrong.

– (Madeline) Excuse me, I didn’t ask for your opinion. Okay, so I’m not completely honest with my fans but either way, I still entertain millions. You’re too naive to understand all this and you’re certainly not allowed to tell anyone. Do you hear me? 

Maybe Miss Vivian was right about her. If she could lie about such a big thing, who knew what else she was lying about?

– (Madeline) Honey, I wanna apologize for the way I spoke to you and I got you the latest Iphone. 

– (Belle) This doesn’t make up for it. I’ve always admired you as a singer and now I find out it’s all fake and no one will ever know it’s Juliet.  

– (Madeline) Belle, do you know what it’s like to really want something, but everyone tells you you can’t have it? I always dreamed of being a singer but my family said I wasn’t good enough and I just wanted to show them. Juliet willingly signed the contract and I’ve always paid her generously. I’m not trying to hurt anybody. 

– (Belle) I guess. As long as you’re paying Juliet well and treating her nicely, I can keep your secret.

– (Madeline) That’s my girl. And no interviews tomorrow. We’ll have a movie night, just you and me. 

(To be continue…)


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