I Confronted the Scammer Who’s Been Impersonating ME!


There’s been somebody in my comments replying to some of you saying that: “I have something special for you.” But I want you to know it’s not me. We have verified checkmarks for this very reason. And if you do end up messaging this imposter on Telegram, he’s going to scam you. And how do I know this? Well, because I messaged him myself. 

I said: “Hi, Pleasant Green.” 

And he said: “Hello, can I see a screenshot for confirmation?” 

So I sent him the screenshot that I showed you and he said: “Congratulations, you have been selected among our lucky shortlisted winners.” 

And I was like: “Cool, I love your videos.” 

And he said: “Are you aware that I’m running a giveaway for my subscribers on my channel?”

Well, this is news to me. 

He said: “We selected our lucky winners randomly from the comment section. You must be very lucky to be selected among our lucky shortlisted winners then.” 

And I said: “I feel lucky! Thank you for choosing me. What do I win?” 

So he asked me for my full name and I can’t use my Alias Ben Dover because he watches my videos. So I gotta come up with another name. And I say: “Mike Rafone.” You get it microphone.

And he said: “You won an RTX 3070 Gaming PC, a PlayStation 5, one hoodie, and two limited edition stickers.” 

Well, those are great prizes. I wish I could give them to myself. But he goes on to congratulate me and ask for my shipping address and postal code. Now I know that he’s not going to ship me anything so I just pick a random address and send it to him. 

And he said: “Hold on while my logistics manager process your details.” 

Then he said: “These are the cost of shipping to your location. Select the one that suits you best.” 

And I asked: “Am I responsible for shipping?” 

“Yeah, shipping fees are to be cleared by our winners.” 

Okay, so here is the plan. I’m going to pay him the shipping cost and he’s going to send me these wonderful prizes. Just kidding. He’s not gonna send me anything. He’s gonna block me. And I’ll be out a couple 100 bucks, but let’s see if I’m right.

So I said: “Can I do UPS expedited?” 

And he tells me it’ll cost me $133.08. He tells me I can pay with Zelle, Cash App or PayPal. I say Paypal and he gives me an address. And he’s helped me to market his family and friends. Now why is he telling me to market his family and friends? Because when I don’t get my item, I won’t be able to appeal it to Paypal and get my money back because they won’t see it as a business transaction. So he tells me to make the payment and send a screenshot for confirmation. Now I tried to snag his IP address, but he knows my tricks because he’s watched enough of my videos to know better than to click on my links. 


He said: “Send a real screenshot.” 

So I just cut right to the chase and I send him this. 

And he responds: “What that? No prank or scam here this is real but if you’re not comfortable, you can forfeit the prize.” 

And I’m like: “Do you not recognize the guy in the picture?” 

“Yeah, sure. It’s good. You take caution anyways, because the net is full of scammers these days, but trust me this is legit. Okay.”

Unbelievable. He still doesn’t get it. So I sent him another one. And say: “Why are you impersonating me?” 

And he finally breaks, he says: “Because I need money. Money for my mom’s surgery.” 

Oh another scammer using his poor mom as an excuse for scam. 

I say: “Don’t lie to me.” 

He says: “I’m serious about this now.”

And I’m like: “Why should I believe you?” 

He says: “I swear. I swear with my life. I don’t want to lose her. She’s the only one I got now. I have to drop out of school because of money.” 

And I say: “Where are you? What country?” 

And he says: “Nigeria.”

I kind of thought so. 

He says: “If you can help me I promise I will stop all this.” 

Now why should I help a guy who has been scamming my subscribers? 

I say: “Have you scammed any of my viewers?” 

He says: “Not at all.” 

And I say: “You haven’t scammed anyone?” 

“I haven’t scammed anyone yet.”  

I mean he is doing a pretty lousy job of impersonating me so it wouldn’t surprise me if nobody fell for it. 

But I’m like: “Well don’t There are better ways to make money.” 

“Please help me with any amount you have. It will go a long way. I will really appreciate your donation. And I promise I will stop scamming people.” 

Donation? Who said I was going to donate? 

I said: “Oh I’m not donating it. I want you to work for it.” 

And he said: “How? It’s too late for me to work now. The money for the surgery is needed now urgently.” 

Now I have no idea if he’s telling the truth about his mom or just doubling down on this scam. My hunch is that he’s full of crap. But the guy needs to know that you make money by working, not scam and so I say: “Well then sorry. I can’t tell you. Money doesn’t grow on trees. The only way we make money is through work. What do you say?”

And he apparently wants to take me up on my offer. So let’s put this scammer to work. 

I say: “We’re going to make an advertisement” 

And he’s like: “How?” 

I say: “Here’s how I make money. We’re going to have you help me produce an advertisement to include in my next video.” 

Yes, sometimes I do promotions on my channel if it’s for a product that I personally like, because it helps me pay for things like lights, and music, and software, and it makes my content better. But today I will make the scammer do the sponsorship for me. 

But he says: “I don’t understand.” 

Well, let’s help him understand. I say: “You can help write it and narrate it. It’s going to require some work on your part. Are you prepared?” 

He says: “Yes sir I am.” 

So I say: “Okay, I need you to first do some research. The product is called Aura. Here’s the website.” 

And I tell him to do some research and learn about the product and watch some videos and figure out a way to explain it to viewers and he just comes up with excuses.

He says: “But I can’t do that. I’m not that intelligent to write up those.” 

Well with that crappy attitude, of course he’s not. 

I say: “You are smart enough to impersonate me.” 

And then he starts crying like a baby and says: “Give me something else that I can do.” 

And I’m like: “No, you can do this. Stop telling yourself you can’t. You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.” 

So let’s take a shot. I tell him to look at this picture from R’s website and tell me what he sees. And he says: “All this is confusing.” 

And I said again: “Tell me what you see.” 

He says: “It’s about Aura.” 

And I’m like: “Yes” 

He says: “But it’s confusing.” 

“I know. So let’s figure it out.”. I asked: “What is Aura?” 

And he says: “I think it’s a mobile app.” 

I said: “That’s correct. When you look at the picture I sent you, can you tell me what the purpose of the app is? Why would anybody want to download it?” 

And things finally start to click. 

He says: “I think it’s all about protection.” 

And I’m like: “Yes” 

“To keep someone safe.” 

“Absolutely”. I said: “Aura is a great app because it has several features to keep you safe online.” 

So then I told him to take it from there. And he actually came through with a pretty nice sounding ad for today’s sponsor, Aura.

(To be continue…)


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