I Am A Movie Star


Hi, my name is Awena, which means sunrise in native American. And this is, you thought this was my sister? She’s actually my Mom, Suchin. To know more about our story, please like and subscribe.  

My Mom had me when she was in her final year of drama school. Growing up, Dad wasn’t around much and eventually left when I was just four. For me, my Mom was everything and I absolutely adored her. Since my Mom was the most gorgeous woman, people used to think we were sisters. She was gorgeous. And I guess, I got my good looks from her. One time when I was seven, Mom and I went to the mall and we’re having lunch in the food court and a waiter asked for her number.

– (Mom) You look like you’re in high school. Beat it kid or else I’ll tell you your manager. A Mom and a daughter can have lunch in peace. Terrific. 

After lunch, as we were roaming around the mall, we spotted a toddler competition being held there. And even though I wasn’t exactly a toddler, I still won it without even participating. When the people started taking pictures of me and told my Mom how I looked like Moana, Mom was over the moon.

– (Mom) I know, right? I’m so gonna make her a star.   

– (Awena) Mom, like the stars in the sky? Or like the one done on my dress? 

– (Mom) A movie star, sweetie. 

From there on, Mom focused all her energy into making me a star. In school, I was always in plays, and one time our school was doing “The Wizard of OZ” play and my teacher decided to give others a chance to come forward and made me the wicked witch instead of Dorothy. But guess what? I aced that role too. Mom was so proud of me but she wanted me to focus only on my acting career. So, she started to homeschool me and hired acting tutors. They’d give me long scripts to memorize and it would just exhaust me. Mom also wanted me to focus on maintaining an ideal weight and she wouldn’t let me eat any junk food. And worse, no ramen noodles, which was my favorite.

– (Mom) It’s for the best, my love. Remember, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. 

Oh, that wasn’t all. Mom also had the knack of embarrassment and stressing me out.  

– (Mom) No, no, no. It’s not Giacho, it’s pronounced Giachu. What am I paying you for?


– (Awena) Mom, please. He is Italian, you know? I think you should let the professional do his job.    

– (Mom) But he’s not doing it right. The audition is tomorrow, and we have so little time left to perfect your Italian accent. 

Well, the teacher stormed out and I was left to practice with Mom. 

The next day I was pretty nervous because I had a lot of trouble remembering my Italian lines. Right when I decided to have another look at the script, I realized it was gone. Just then, I spotted a girl looking really sneaky. It was Chloe. She used to be my friend when I started out my career. But the more roles I got, the more she hated me and she didn’t even try to hide it. We were always up against each other for every advertisement. I followed her and what I saw made me scream. Chloe ripped my script and flushed it. 

– (Awena) What are you doing? 

– (Chloe) So, you’re not just bad at acting, you also have bad eyesight. I’m getting rid of it. Duh. I want this role. I hate it when my Mom keeps comparing me to you. I am better than you. 

Oh, this witch. I wanted to slap her. 

– (Awena) Of course, she compares me to you. I’m good at what I do, unlike you. You jealous, two-faced witch.  

I then chased after her and crashed into a man almost dropping his camera. He noticed I was in tears and then I told him what happened.

– (Man) Whoa. Didn’t know she was a nasty player, huh? You know what?    

Just then, he pulled out the script and gave it to me. He was the camera person for the advertisement and had the script with him. As I was practicing, I noticed him setting up the camera and couldn’t stop staring. He then showed me how to set it up and even shot a video as I watched in awe. That was the day I knew I love being behind the camera more than in front of it. Oh, and I got the ad. 

Time flew by and on my 18th birthday I received the best news ever. After the party while cleaning up, I heard the sound of glass breaking and my Mom screaming in the kitchen.

– (Awena) Mom, what’s wrong? Are you hurt?   

– (Mom) You got it. Oh my god. You got it.

– (Awena) Mom, slow down. 

– (Mom) You got the audition for Elijah’s film.

Elijah Miller’s film? The one who works for Disney? What? You see, Elijah Miller was the biggest award-winning director. I was a big fan. Not only was he handsome, but he was extremely talented too. I guess it was the first time I felt like I could really be a star. I worked hard, really hard, and seeing me so focused, Mom looked pretty happy. 

– (Mom) There is no way you aren’t getting this role. 

– (Awena) Mom, I am excited, but don’t get my hopes up. 

– (Mom) Why shouldn’t I? Always have your eyes on the prize. Got it? 

A day before the audition, I felt very stressed so I took my camera and stepped it out to some fresh air. I bought the camera after an audition years ago. I began shooting videos every time I felt overwhelmed with the stress of auditions. But the most I did was make reels and put it up on Instagram under a different account. The videos did very well and many people appreciated my work, and even suggested I send it to filmmakers. But I had to focus on becoming an actor. Mom’s dream and all. 

The day of my audition had finally arrived. I was shaking with excitement and nerves. Mom was there as always to support me on this big day. We suddenly saw some of the actors run with their friends and family members towards the door. My eyes almost popped out of my socket when I saw Elijah Miller walk in. What happened next however, dropped my jaw on the floor.  

– (Elijah) Suchin? 

– (Mom) Oh my god, Elijah. It’s been a long time. Mm, you still remember me?  

My mother knew Elijah Miller? What the heck? They kept talking and laughing like they’ve known each other for years. And they did. Turns out, Elijah studied at the same school as Mom and knew each other. She then introduced me to him and I tried my best not to throw up. Scream and cry all at the same time. The fangirl in me was doing her very best to stay calm.  

– (Elijah) Awena, it’s nice to finally meet you. The last time I saw you was when you were a baby. (Chuckles)

– (Awena) It’s nice to meet you too. I’m a big fan of your work.    

Elijah Miller saw me as a baby? What? Okay. Mom talks about everything under the sun to me and she keeps this important information to herself? But oh my god. Elijah Miller knows me. 

Mom sent me away so she could talk to Elijah. As I walked towards the room, I felt someone’s leg before I tripped and fell, screaming in pain. Everyone came rushing towards me and I noticed my ankle was beginning to swell up. It was that snake again. Chloe. 

– (Mom) Oh my god, Awena. Are you all right? How dare she.

And then I heard Mom yell like crazy. And soon, Chloe was taken away. Looked like everyone saw her trip me. 

(To be continue…)


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