I Am A Movie Star (Part 2)


– (Chloe) Let me go. She’s always taking my roles. 

Wow, I didn’t know she hated me that much.  

– (Awena) I’m fine. I have to audition.

Mom helped me up and took me to the room where my audition was taking place. Even though I tried to do my best, given the situation, I still felt on edge and began stuttering. Mom then suddenly walked up to Elijah.  

– (Mom) She is good. Trust me. It’s just the foot. Just let her finish.  

And then, Elijah did the most weird thing. He handed Mom my script. 

– (Elijah) I trust you, Suchin. After all, she is your daughter.  

Well, the audition went well, or so I thought. But days had gone by and I stopped waiting by the phone to hear news about my audition. I had almost given up hope, but one day when Mom and I were watching a movie at home, her phone rang and she went ultrasonic after she got the call. 

– (Mom) Awena. Awena.   

– (Awena) Mom. Words? 

– (Mom) You got a role in Elijah’s movie. 

– (Awena) You’re kidding, right? I’m sure I ruined it.

– (Mom) No, you didn’t. But it isn’t the one you auditioned for. They said someone else got that and you got the other one which is like the second lead.   

– (Awena) Mom, it doesn’t matter. I get to act in Elijah’s movie. 

Mom and I were screaming our lungs out when the doorbell rang and Elijah walked in. What is he doing here? 

– (Elijah) Sorry for showing up unannounced. I just wanted to personally give the good news. 

– (Mom) We just got the call about Awena being cast in the movie.

– (Elijah) Oh, yes. Congratulations, Awena. But that’s not what I’m here for. Suchin, I have decided to cast you for the lead role. I know you didn’t audition, but…

What the what? 

– (Mom) Exactly. Elijah, I didn’t audition.    

– (Elijah) But I want you for the role. Only you.

– (Mom) Oh my. Really? Awena, isn’t that great? 

I felt so hurt and betrayed and when Elijah left, I spat.

– (Awena) You’re kidding, right? You can’t take this role. 

– (Mom) Why not? 

– (Awena) I can’t believe this.   

I walked away from Mom and ignored her for days. My anger towards this whole situation was just increasing.

One day, when I stepped out to clear my mind with my camera, I passed by some cute kittens near a restaurant window. I immediately started recording a video of them. And as I was zooming out, I saw Elijah in the frame. He was sitting in the restaurant with my mother. Here I was struggling with my sprained ankle, feeling guilty, betrayed, and used because of her. And she’s having lunch dates with him. I cannot believe her. The minute she reached home after her date with Elijah, I exploded.  


– (Awena) How could you? This is why you came along with me to the audition. You wanted it all along. You put this big dream over my head for years just to snatch it away?  

– (Mom) Honey, what are you talking about? There’s some misunderstanding. Awena, you know I would never do that. It’s always been my dream to see you become a big star. Why would I?

– (Awena) Yeah right. Your dream to see yourself become the star. Not me. You are a selfish person. You used me to get this audition and now you’re flirting with Elijah to get this role. The role you prepared me for all these years. You know something? I didn’t even wanna be an actor. I wanted to do it for you, to make you proud. 

– (Mom) But Awena, honey, I thought you liked it. Why didn’t you ever tell me you weren’t into this?  

– (Awena) Oh, forget about it. I wish I had left with Dad. Maybe then I wouldn’t have been used like this. 

The second the words left my mouth and I saw my Mom’s face, my heart broke. But the feeling of betrayal overpowered me. Days passed by and every time I saw Mom around the house I would walk the opposite way. She tried to talk to me and would get me food but I ignored all of it and even let my anger get the best of me once when I flung a plate of food against the door. One day, I decided to stay out the entire day. I didn’t wanna see her face and say awful things to her again. Great, I’m still thinking about how she’ll feel. As I was busy recording some videos, I saw a car with tinted windows slow down next to me. Like my life wasn’t bad enough, and now I have some creep who might kidnap me. Right as I was about to try and run, the window rolled down and I saw Elijah smiling at me. He offered to drop me home and I accepted only because of my sprained ankle. 

– (Elijah) So, still angry at Mom?  

How did he know? 

– (Elijah) That day, I wasn’t exactly out of the house yet when you, anyway, I wanted to tell you that it’s not Suchin’s fault, you know? This was her role from the beginning.

Her role? And then, Elijah told me the most shocking thing. He has always had an elephant-sized crush on Mom since school. And he wrote this script with her in mind. He asked Mom several times to act in the film but she kept denying. And when she agreed, she found out she was having me. 

– (Elijah) I told her that she can do this role after you were old enough as well. But she said being an actor wasn’t her dream anymore. You were. But I never stopped trying. I even met her one afternoon to convince her but she said, no. Looks like I’ll have to scrap the idea to ever make this movie.  

I was in a state of shock and felt extremely guilty. As soon as we reached home, I thanked Elijah and rushed inside straight to Mom and hugged her. 

– (Mom) Awena, where have you been?

– (Awena) Mom, I am so sorry for saying such awful things.

– (Mom) It’s fine, honey. You are angry and I understand. I’m sorry too. But I wanna tell you that I didn’t take the role. I don’t want anything to come between us. Ever.

– (Awena) But you have to take the role. It’s been yours from the beginning. I know. Elijah told me everything. He won’t do the movie without you. 

– (Mom) But honey, I can’t. 

– (Awena) No buts. Now, please let Elujah know before he announces it publicly that the movie is scrapped. 

– (Mom) Okay, but let’s first have this. 

Mom then gave me a bowl of steaming ramen noodles and I almost screamed with happiness. 

The next morning, Mom contacted Elijah to let him know that she would take the role. Elijah even offered me the role of an intern, so I would learn more about filmmaking.

A few years after the movie, Elijah asked Mom to marry him and she said, yes. And me, I went to film school and got a degree in filmmaking. So you see, it’s never too late to achieve your dreams. And if you were thinking my story has ended, well, it has just begun.                    


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