Once upon a time there was an innocent boy named Gary. He was a thug yo. The only problem was, he lived in a trashcan, and had never seen a living soul in his entire thugster life. The only thing he had with him in the trashcan was: a banana, a giant asparagus, and a tuna salad. He ate the asparagus like a thug. Now, the only thing Gary had with him in the trashcan was a banana and a tuna salad. Gary frowned like a lion reclaiming its territory. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Gary became pregnant. His pregnancy took him far away to another galaxy, and he became Gary, the Pregnant Thug who likes Asparagus.

Gary, the Pregnant Thug who likes Asparagus, spawned in a different trashcan, still with his banana and his tuna salad. Gary wished to continue his journey in the trashcan. He found a way to move the trashcan around the streets of Ioopenshlek without seeing anybody. He traveled far and ended up at Tramlaw. He felt that this would be a cool hang out spot, but little did he know, that he had a lot of surprises coming. Those surprises were wrappers, bags, scraps, and even dirty napkins! All being dumped right on top of him like a telephone before it rings! He had to get out of there fast!


Gary, the Pregnant Thug who likes Asparagus, was in a major dilemma, but soon, an idea struck him. He ate his banana and used the banana peel to blindfold himself. He grabbed his tuna salad, and jumped out of the trashcan like a gumball sliding down the tube of a gumball machine. He escaped to wherever his heart led him and soon found himself at a red version of Tramlaw, called Tegrat. There, he had yet another surprise waiting for him. He was relaxing in a shopping cart, but something went horribly wrong.

Gary, the Pregnant Thug who likes Asparagus, was in his cool shopping cart when he got kidnapped by some ninjas who took him to a lonely jungle island. He still had his banana blindfold, so he was nervous to whether or not he could fight the jungle ninjas. He tried to get up, but he was tied to a chair! He did some karate stuff (chop chop) and rose up from his seat like a pigeon searching for food on the beach. Gary started kicking and punching. Pow! Swoosh! Splash! Gary opened the blindfold to discover that he beat up the ninjas and threw them in the water! Gary saw a resting spot under a tree and decided it was time. He sat down and pulled out his tuna salad. “Aaah,” Gary said with pleasure as he munched on his tuna salad. After devouring his tuna salad, Gary noticed his pregnancy disappeared. Right on top of Gary’s stomach was a baby kangaroo. Gary taught the kangaroo karate and they became best friends forever. And thus ends the tale of Gary, the Pregnant Thug who likes Asparagus.