Can I Convince a Scammer to Work For Me?


Well, as you guys know, there is a labor shortage in the United States and employers are struggling to find good employees. So that’s when it hit me. What if I tried to hire a scammer? They must need a job otherwise they wouldn’t be scamming right. 

Now, you guys always ask me where I find these scammers and it’s really not hard. For example, if you post your resume on ZipRecruiter or Indeed, you’ll likely have scammers reach out. I got this email saying that my resume had been reviewed by the HR department at Intuit Technologies and they were pleased to invite me to an online interview briefing exercise. Hey, this is great. I’m gonna get a job working for the people who make QuickBooks, except I’ve done a video on this scam before and I know exactly what they’ve got up their sleeves. They want to make me think that I’m getting hired, send me a fake check for equipment and get me to withdraw the funds from my bank and send it to them. Let’s see if I’m right.

He goes on to talk about how he needs a data analyst with problem solving skills, teamwork skills, communication skills. He tells me that the job will have me doing data entry and creating spreadsheets, organizing paperwork, and he’s going to pay me $35 an hour; except he’s not going to pay me, he’s going to scam me. But I’m going to show him that there’s a better way to live his life. But first I need to earn his trust. So I read that the next step is a Skype interview with Mr. Harville Brown. Where do scammers come up with these names? When was the last time you ever heard of a person called Harville? But I decided I would reach out anyway and see about this job. So I sent him a Skype message and I said: “Hello I’m inquiring about the Intuit Technologies job.” 


Harville Brown: “You are welcome to Intuit Technologies. I believe you are here for the job interview and briefings where you will get to know all about the job position as well as the company information and history?” 

And I said: “Yes, I got an email about my resume being approved.” 

So he asked me for a job code that I found in the email. 

And then he says: “I would like to apprise you about the new approach if this interview conducting method is different to you. We believe the world is always advancing so it is important to stay on top of things as change is inevitable.” 

Well, isn’t that the truth? He goes on to say that his name is Harville Brown and that he’s a talent acquisition recruiter and asks how he should address me. And I say: “My name is Ben Dover and I live in Radiator Springs.”

He tells me all about the positions that he has available and I asked which one pays the best. And he says: “They all have equal pay.” 

And I’m like a customer service person makes the same as an accountant. What’s the point of even going to school? 

I said: “How about data analyst?” 

He says: “All right”, and then he tells me he’s about to hit me with a bunch of questions and I’m to answer “Okay”, or “Yes”. So I asked if we should do it over the phone, but he says: “This is strictly via text.” 

Well, of course it is. 

He says: “Intuit Technologies is located in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, and is blah blah blah.” 

And I just say: “Okay” 

“Intuit Technologies is a Tasmanian owned and operated blah, blah,” 


“Over the past 20 years, we have provided blah blah, blah.”


“We strive to blah blah, blah.” 

“Yes. Okay. Yes. Okay. Yes.” 

“You have a few questions above you need to answer.” 

Oh, I didn’t even read his last message. So I reply to his questions with some typical BS. 

And then he says: “In one paragraph, I need you to tell me why you should be hired.” 

Okay, what should I tell them? That’s when I went over to Tiktok to find some career advice and I found a video that answers it for me.

(Video) “How to answer the most irritating interview question ever: Why should we hire you?”

So I just copy her word for word. 

“As you can see on my resume, I have all the hard skills that are looking for in a candidate. I’m a team player. I’m a collaborator. I’m a clear communicator, and I have a sense of humor. I have ideas that I think will help this company achieve its short term and long term goals and I would love the opportunity to share them with the team.”

And it worked because Harville says: “I must admit that I’m really impressed with your performance. I like the fact that you are direct in the manner in which you hit every question on the head with good answers.” 

Well, thanks for the help Tiktok. I got the job. 

And Harville says: “Welcome to Intuit Technologies, we hope to assist you in achieving your long and short term goals.”

All right, let’s fill out the paperwork. He sends me a painfully long document with some fantastic design work. I sign it and I say my emergency contact is Bart Simpson. And then I send it back. He then tells me he’s received it and “we look forward to embarking on this new journey with you. I believe that would be all for today. Once again, I say congratulations to you. You are to report online tomorrow morning here on this app at 8:00AM your time for more updates on your training.” 

(The next morning) Well, that’s my first day of work. I think there’s probably a 50% chance that the guy realizes that I’ve just been trolling him, and he just ignores me. But hey, I guess we’ll find out. Oh, what am I eating? You’re asking, well, this is Magic Spoon and it’s called cereal reinvented. It’s got zero grams of sugar only for net carbs and 13 grams of protein and it’s delicious. You guys, we’ve got to start eating healthier and breakfast is the most important meal of the day but you don’t have time to make yourself a fruit smoothie or an omelet. So why don’t you just pour yourself a bowl of Magic Spoon? It’s a ton of fun and your mom will be super proud of you for eating healthy. They’ve got tons of magical flavors like cocoa, peanut butter, fruity frosted and more. How about you just try a variety pack and get $5 off when you use my promo code PLEASANTGREEN or go to is back with a 100% Happiness Guarantee. So if you don’t love it for any reason, it will refund you your money. No questions asked. But you will love it. You’ll be begging for more. So go try it out. Let me know which flavor is your favorite? 

Well, I wrote to Harville right after breakfast and I said: “Hello.” 

And he’s like: “Hello, good morning. How are you doing today?” 

I said: “Fine.” 

And he said: “Very well. Thank you. I believe you are ready for today’s update?” 

Okay, here’s where the scam goes down. 


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