Can I Convince a Scammer to Work For Me? (Part 2)


He says he wants to send me a check for my materials. And he asks if I’m familiar with online banking because he wants me to deposit the check that he sends me and withdraw the cash. So he sends me an email with an attachment and the check looks awful. We really got to work on this guy’s design skills. Hey, maybe that’s the job I can hire him for. But the crazy thing is that you probably could cash this with your bank’s mobile app. But it’s not going to take the bank long to realize that this is a fraudulent check and leave you on the hook for any cash that you take out. This is why checks are so dumb. Never accept checks and if you do always wait like one to two weeks because those checks take time to clear. 

Anyway, he says: “I believe you have it deposited now? “A

And I say: “Yeah” 

And he says: “Kindly provide me with a screenshot.” 

Now there’s another red flag. Kindly scammers are always so kindly. Anyway I didn’t deposit a check. But let’s make him think that I did. I photoshopped a Mobile deposit screenshot and he fell for it. 

He says: “Okay, good. I believe you are familiar with Zelle.” 

And I’m like: “Who is Zell?” 

Now Zelle is the money transfer app and he wants me to use it to send money to a guy named Jason. Somehow this JSON guy is involved because Harville wants me to send him $2,000. But I’m like: “Where does Jason live?” 

And Harville says: “He’s in Texas.” 

And I say: “Can I have his phone number?” 

But he’s not giving it up?

I say it’s asking for it and he’s like: “Kindly provide me with a screenshot of that ASAP? 

So I sent him a trackable link and I snagged his IP address. And he’s coming from the great land of (Nigeria). 

Now he wants me to call him. So here we go. 

(A call)

“Hi. Is this Harville?” 

“Yeah, correct.” 

“Hi. Harville, how are you?”

“I’m good. Oh, hold on while I focus. 

“All right.” 

“We can proceed now. How are you today?

“I’m fine. How are you?”

“All right, I’m good. So I see you’re about difficulties. Purchasing and sending the funds?”

“Yeah, I’m actually not going to be sending the funds.”

“Okay, because I actually, I will be sending the funds but not to Jason. I want to, I want to send them directly to you.”


“All right. Now Jason is the company vendor. So he’s the one receiving payments and having the materials sent via FedEx.”

“I understand. But I don’t need any materials. I don’t want to pay Jason. I want to pay you because I want to hire you.”

“Okay, I’m not understanding.”

“I want to hire you for a job and I need to know if you’re interested.”

“I don’t understand. I don’t really understand. You have the company funds with you and you also purchase the materials for work and use your kind of twist in this. I don’t understand.”

“Yes, that’s correct. Because I need to hire somebody who’s based in Nigeria and that’s where you are. So I need to know if you’re interested.” 

“All right.” (Hang up the phone)

Oh, come on. I really want that guy to work for me. Maybe I scared him off. Dang it. But later he wrote to me, acting like that phone call never even happened.

He’s like: “You have the company funds with you and why are you not releasing it?”

I said: “You hung up on me earlier.” 

“We care to know before we take any further movement. Got plenty of work to do with our new employers.” 

Why is she still doing this? 

I said: “I offered you a job and you hung up.” 

“Alright, so I believe you can proceed with payment now.” 


I said: “No. Stop trying to scam me. Do you want a real job that pays real money? I know you’re in Nigeria. Is it hard to find real work? I’m offering you a job.” 

He says: “Yes. Tell me more about it. And don’t hold on to the funds.” 

Well, he shut up about the funds. 

I said: “The funds are fake. What city are you in?” 

And he says: “I’m currently in Ohio.” 

I say: “Why are you lying to me?”. And then I sent him all of his phone’s details that shocked him. 

He says: “So how did you find this and why did you deposit when you knew it was fake? And why do you wish to help me?” 

And I said: “Because you can do better than scamming.” 

He says: “It is really bad over here.” 

And I said: “Let’s make it better.” 

He said: “How?”

And I tell him that he sounds smart and that he can use his smarts for something useful. But he keeps asking me about the fake deposit and why I cashed it. And that’s when I thought that maybe sending him a video from my channel might be a better way of explaining what it is that I do. And that was the last time I ever heard from him, which makes me sad because he’s still out there scamming. You can’t tell me that this crap is a better way to live. If you’re clever enough to impersonate a talent recruiter, I’m willing to bet that you’re clever enough to do something legitimate. And to prove it, I went onto Twitter immediately after this and I asked if anyone in Nigeria did graphic design. And I got a reply within one hour from a guy named Nosa. And I told him that I was looking for someone to design a resume for me, and he did a fantastic job. And now I have a good looking resume for Ben Dover to help me apply for more of these scam jobs when I find them. 

Well, now that wasn’t so hard now was it? So what are you scammers gonna do? Are you going to keep scamming on educated Americans? Or are you going to work on yourself and offer something valuable to the world? Clean up your freaking messes and act like men? I know I sound like your dad right now. But I don’t care. I’ll be your dad. I’ll slap some sense into you because you need it. You’re too smart for this crap. And I’m sick of hearing from Nigerians in the comments in my video saying that you’re ruining their country’s reputation. I mean, look at this guy did he spends his time doing useful graphic design instead of stupid fake check crap that you guys are doing. You say you don’t know how to use Photoshop. Well learn, go watch a YouTube video, figured it out, practice, offer something valuable and people will respect you for it. Let’s put me out of a job so I don’t have to keep embarrassing you on YouTube. I believe in you guys. So you should believe in yourself. I want to thank everyone for watching this video and supporting me in what I do. I hope that you’ll subscribe and watch another one of my videos while you’re here and say hi in the comments. I always like to hear from you guys and I look forward to bringing you another video very soon.


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