Be Careful With FREE Online Rewards! (Part 2)


That was never part of the agreement the dumb video said all I needed to do was answer some questions and get my fridge, not sign up for smiledirectclub. This part I might as well just sign up for something and I think the instant background check so it’s kind of interesting. I could see myself using this and it says it only cost a dollar but it’s really just a trial that you’re signing up for in the fine print tells you that you’ll be charged $39.94 as soon as the trial ends. This is where they get you. They’re banking on the fact that you’ll sign up for one of these services and forget to cancel your plan but I have a truck for this, I want to show you and it’s all thanks to a sponsor

Privacy will let you create virtual numbers that will act as your payment card so you don’t need to enter your actual credit card number or banking information. And privacy numbers will let you control how much the car can be charged for and how often the card can be run. You simply just need to add a funding source so I’m going to create a new card and give you the nickname. I’m going to set the amount for $1 they haven’t closed immediately after his run. I can not use this number to sign up for my trial and I don’t need to worry about canceling because privacy is going to do it for me automatically. Privacy is an awesome way to control your online payments and monitor your spending. I basically use it for all my online subscription because I don’t like getting hit with unexpected charges. It’s also nice to know that you’re not putting your actual banking info out there. In case, hackers or scammers are watching you. I really think that you guys should try it out and see what you think and privacy will give you $5. When you sign up with mylincoln, pleasant green go buy yourself something nice and see how it works. I really think that you’re going to love it so go to Pleasant green today. All right!

So now I’m signed up and I’m ready to start searching for background checks but I have no interest in that. Right now, I want my dr. Pepper fridge so I click on the gift button and it says I need to complete one gold deal. Okay. I did that but apparently what I signed up for. It was a silver deal and now I got to get a gold deal so I can earn that stupid fridge. So now I got to find something else that I can use and I think that ABCmouse looks kind of fun and educational. So I started signing up for it and once again they need a credit card so they can charge me $12.99 when this trial is over and I don’t think it looks that fun and educational. So I go back to and I create a new card just for ABCmouse that will close as soon as they run it and as I check out they’re going to try to upcharge me to death but I’m staying focused on that bridge and I just pushed my way through. Well isn’t that cute but please just give me my Dr. pepper fridge. I click continue and you wouldn’t believe this but I need to complete three more Platinum deal when will this and I’m starting to get so sick of these deals but I can’t turn back now. So now I’m just signing up for the first deals I see I sign up for a children’s book club and then it Disney Movie Club paying $1 each and setting up, privacy cars cancel immediately after the run time. Now, $4 into this thing and I’m already getting hit with their marketing emails and I’m so close that I can taste a Dr. pepper but apparently the deal that I just claimed were gold and silver and not Platinum. I still need three plant and be able to claim the fridge. I am so pissed off at this point. I’ve been going in for like 2 hours and I finally just decided it was time to walk away but then they pull me back in with an email saying don’t forget your dr. pepper mini fridge and being the sucker that I am return to get that fridge once and for all and Deals were definitely Platinum.

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I mean we’re talking like 20 to $30 packages but I’m committed to getting that fridge whatever it takes. I’m tired of buying useless crap so let’s buy something meaningful so I saw a $20 bill for feeding America. I thought I’ll go ahead and I’ll make a donation someone might as well benefit from all of this. So I create another privacy number that was good for $20 a month and I place my order. Then I donate another $20 to the Sierra Club to protect public lands might as well help the Earth out, then I donate $7 to save the children so $50 later. I finally have qualified for the dr. pepper fridge, I have finally made it and I go to claim my prize and it asked me for all my shipping information. I hit submit claim ticket and I get an error saying “sorry” but it looks like you have received a reward from us within the last 24 months and is in violation of our program requirements. Are you kidding me? I can assure you that I have never received an award from these people in my life and even if I had you think they would have mentioned it as a disclaimer before I spent 3 hours and $50 going through this whole rigmarole and they say that I believe this to be incorrect. I can’t contact them at the customer care page but when I do it doesn’t even work. So I feel so defeated and exhausted after all this but I really just think “I need a drink”.

So yeah I just went on Amazon and I bought the stupid thing for 29 bucks and I got it the next day. I literally pay double what this thing is even worth trying to win it so you got to be asking yourself: “do people really go through this apparently?”. They do but why I guess it’s the same reason people spend money trying to win sheep toys from those claw machines in the arcade. There’s a psychology to it you’re in for the Chase and when you win something, it evokes an emotion. And it makes you feel accomplished but you’re really losing because you’re wasting your time buying things that you had no intention of buying like these dumb. Learn to read books and I’m never going to use this case. You don’t even win the damn fridge. I just can’t understand how the people behind this been all this time building their site creating fake reviews filming a Cheesy. You too bad with George Bart who upon further investigation is just a stock photo. He’s not even real. Oh! And by the way George’s YouTube channel has now been terminated due to multiple violations of deceptive practices and misleading contents. Oh yeah! This whole thing is a joke and these guys are getting a scam rating from me but I did get my Clark the Shark book and my cartoons. On my donations did go through which makes me think that these sleaze balls at the reward Wizard and up level rewards are getting some kind of kick back from all these businesses and organizations for the subscriptions that they’re selling. And that’s pretty lame especially when they don’t even deliver what they promise to learn from my experience and stay away from these kinds of sight. But hey at the end of the day, I donated to a couple respectable Charities and I got myself a dr. pepper fridge. After all and you all know now what to watch out for next time you run into an offer for a refrigerator free gift online and I think that’s something we can all drink to.


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