Be Careful Buying Halloween Masks from TikTok Ads!


Well, everyone, it’s that time of year again, the time when we start getting flooded with ads on Facebook and Tik Tok for Halloween masks that seem way too good to be true. And I know that you’ve all seen these and been tempted to buy it but you haven’t pulled the trigger yet. So I’m gonna do it for you and let you know if they’re legit or a scam. The first one that I saw was for this gold mask, which at first glance looks pretty sweet. It looks like a heart school and the comments on Facebook were my favorite. This person says: “I wish I had that many teeth.” And Tim said: “This would be great for when I go to the grocery store.” 

No, Tim, it would not. But I check out the website and it says: “So realistic. It’s scary.” Even a guy named Richard T says: “I’ve seen a lot of school masks but nothing compared to HollowMask quality.”

So I better take Richard T’s word and I explore the site and it turns out that this item is the only thing they sell. You go to Best Sellers and there’s literally only one thing, this mask. So yeah, this is concerning. But there’s all these testimonials from people like Liam from Virginia who says: “I have already purchased my Cobra Kai suit. I’m very happy with it. Excellent service and product.” 

Yeah, right. But I would love to see Liam and a Cobra Kai costume. So I know that this site is sketchy because I have this Chrome extension called fake spot and it’s warning me to proceed with caution because of the site’s limited internet presence. And cites that have sketchy comments and no track record ought to concern you. But we’ve got to proceed. We’ve got to see what this mask is all about. So I got an order and it’s trying to upsell me a protective face mask to enhance the look of it but I had a client and it’s like are you sure? And they dropped the price five bucks and I’m like no, I can get one on Amazon for like six bucks. So I placed my order and I better get it in three to five days like it says. Spoiler alert. It took a lot longer than three to five days but by now I’ve got the algorithm’s attention because now I’m seeing more and more masks like this one.


(Showing the images of masks)

Okay, that’s pretty cool. Let’s buy it for 34 bucks. Then I see an old man mask and holy crap. Does it look realistic? Might as well get it for another 40 bucks. Then I stumbled across this.

Yeah, I’m definitely getting that. 

Okay, so we’ve got four masks on the way but these were not three to five day shipments like I was promised because these masks are coming from China. I tracked these things closely but it is a miracle that they made it when they did because I needed to get this video out before Halloween. So here they are. And we’re going to review them one by one starting with the school and see how it fits. 

We’re going to start with a space cover. This is a $6 one on Amazon. Let’s, let’s protect our face.

Well first things first, it smells like death. It smells like silicone and paint and glue. It’s really tight and that might be my head’s fault. That might be the mass fault. But it’s not a great fit. I’m not able to do the bike thing. I have a big overbite. Maybe to look cooler with a hood. Or maybe riding a bike. Either way, I’m gonna need to see an orthodontist about this open bite. You know, it’s not the worst mask in the world, but this is what I got. I’m gonna let you guys decide.

Okay, why don’t we move on to Mr. Brain? The ad for that one was very convincing.

Well, it smells like it came from the same factory as the last one. It’s trying to look like the one in the picture but you’ll have to let me know. Let’s try to recreate the ad. 

You know what, this is not the same mask that I was promised. I did a reverse image search of the steal and it comes from Jack of the dust which sells high-end items. I mean, you’re not going to spend like less than $400 here and I don’t even think they sell the thing anymore. So yeah, this is, I believe, a knockoff. Stay away from this one. 

Now the old man one, is the one that I’m most excited about because of how realistic it looks at least on the ad, but let’s see if it is as it was advertised.

I have a feeling I don’t look as realistic as the end. You know, come to find out this advertisement is ripping off products and video from immortal where they sell the real mask but it’s like $600. And that’s just for the face to add hair and eyebrows and a mustache is like another $300. This is a $1,000 mask and they’re claim that you can get one just as good for $40. I mean if you want to sell a cheaper version, then take pictures of your actual products. Don’t go stealing pictures from someone else’s site that you’re copying. I have no idea how they’re getting away with this or how Facebook allows these kinds of ads to run, so this is not what I was expecting. It’s a scam. Stay away from it. 

All right, well, let’s wrap this up with one last mask and this one is something that I’m actually pretty excited about because of how creepy it looked in the ad. It’s the double mass. 

I can’t see a thing, but my guess is that it’s pretty freaky. Let’s see how creepy we can make it look. You can’t breathe. You can’t see. It’ll probably give you cancer but it’s definitely gonna give some kids some nightmares and it’ll be a good time and that might make it all worth it. I think I can say that this is what I was expecting. This might be worth buying.

Well, the one that I’m most disappointed in was this old man mask and since they offer a 100% money back guarantee, I thought I’d asked for one I even pointed out how they’re ripping off another website and they said that they were so sorry that it did not meet my expectations and ask for a picture. So I took a picture and I once again pointed out that they’re literally using photos from another site selling a $1,000 mass and I have yet to hear back from them. 

Well everyone, sometimes on Halloween, you get tricked and sometimes you get a treat, but most of the time you just get what you pay for. So watch out for these ads.


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