And Still The Rain Fell


The wind sent clouds the colour of bruises. Purple castles, fierce and vast loomed over the isolated homestead. Alone, the girl shivered in anticipation. And the rain fell – dripping, dropping, splattering rain, flecking patterns on the dry thirsty earth. The rain turned savage. She glanced nervously toward the river that formed the boundary to the property.

It seemed like her family had been gone for hours. She looked at her watch… Yes, three hours of constant rain. What if the bridge was down? Anxiously, she pulled her phone from her crumpled pocket. She slumped, her head in her hands, realising that reception was lost. Outside, thunder rumbled at the edge of the world. Lightning followed. The malevolent flash illuminated her trembling body.

As darkness fell, she retreated to the safety of her attic room. There was no sign of her family. Desperate tears filled her eyes, dripping, dropping, splattering like the rain. All night, the rain drummed a dramatic rhythm on the roof. Slowly and silently the river rose, and the muddy waters swallowed everything in sight. It was the enemy.


And still the rain fell.

She woke to a swollen chocolate sea rushing past her doorway. Terrified she watched the wall of water surge towards her. Thud! Something crashed against the weatherboard wall! Apprehensively, she peered through a curtain of water, cascading down her window. Fence posts, tree trunks, sheets of corrugated iron. It moved over the land in clumsy, urgent waves.

The river brought a sickening stench of pollution. It seemed to be swallowing everything and wanting more.

But still the rain fell.

The water had invaded. Furniture floated like toy boats. Wading up to her waist, the girl salvaged her precious teddy and photographs. Clutching the treasures above her head, she made for the stairs, a mountain too slippery to climb. As she reached for the railing, her teddy slipped from her grasp. Desperately, she fought the rising flood but teddy had disappeared. An anguished sob signalled her despair. More alone now than ever, the girl hauled herself upwards, her water-logged clothes weighing her down at every step.

The last refuge was the roof. Dragging open the window in her attic room, she clambered awkwardly out onto the narrow ledge. Peering upwards she searched for a method to swing herself up. Her breath panting in uneven gasps, she struggled for a hand hold. Her fingertips brushed the rusty iron and with every last effort she heaved herself to precarious safety. Where was her family?

She prayed for the rain to stop. Overhead a dark shadow hovered. The sound of whirling blades filled the air. Overjoyed with sudden hope, she waved and shouted. From the castles in the clouds, emerged a knight, dangling over the rooftop. She was pulled like a fish on a line into the waiting sanctuary of the helicopter. The river scowled and sulked.

Far far away from the sodden homestead, she was reunited with her distressed family.

And outside the rain stopped.


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